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The World's Great Sermons, Volume 01 Basil to Calvin

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Collections of sermons by noted preachers of different periods are not an altogether uncommon contribution to literature. Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Great Britain and the United States have in this way furnished copious illustrations of the gifts of their illustrious preachers. Such treasures are found in the Latin and even in the Greek Church. Protestant communions especially, in line with the supreme significance which they attach to the work of the pulpit, have thus sought to magnify the calling and to perpetuate the memory and the influence of their distinguished sons. Still more comprehensive attempts have been made to collate the products of representative preachers in different Protestant communions, and thus to bring into prominence various types of sermonic literature. It is in this way that the Christian world has come to know its pulpit princes and to value their achievements.

The collection contained in the volumes before us is, however, more varied and comprehensive, reaching as it does from the fourth to the twentieth century, than any collection known to the writer. In the selection Professor Kleiser has brought to his task a personal knowledge of homiletic literature that is the product of much observation and study during many years, and an enthusiasm for his work that has been fostered by close intercourse in professional service with preachers and theological students. He has had the assistance also of men whose acquaintance with homiletic literature is very extensive, whose critical judgments are sound and reliable and who may be regarded as experts in this branch of knowledge. These volumes, therefore, may be accepted as a judiciously selected collection of sermons by many of the most notable preachers of the ancient and modern Christian world. Their value as illustrating varieties of gift, diversities of method, racial, national and ecclesiastical peculiarities, and above all progress in the science and art of preaching, may well be recognized even by a generation that is likely to regard anything that is more than twenty-four hours old as obsolete.


Yale University, New Haven, Conn., October, 1908.


BASIL (329-379).     The Creation of the World

CHRYSOSTOM (347-407).     Excessive Grief at the Death of Friends

AUGUSTINE (354-430).     The Recovery of Sight by the Blind

WYCLIF (1324-1384).     Christ's Real Body Not in the Eucharist

SAVONAROLA (1452-1498).     The Ascension of Christ

LUTHER (1483-1546).     The Method and Fruits of Justification

LATIMER (1485-1555).     On Christian Love

MELANCHTHON (1497-1560).     The Safety of the Virtuous

KNOX (1505-1572).     The First Temptation of Christ

CALVIN (1509-1564).     Enduring Persecution for Christ


Basil, bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, and styled "The Great," was the founder of Eastern monasticism, defender of the Nicene doctrines and doctor of the Church....