The Book of Good Manners; a Guide to Polite Usage for All Social Functions

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MEN. A man should be addressed as Mr. James J, Wilson, or James J. Wilson, Esq. Either the Mr. or the Esq. may be used, but not the two together.

The title belonging to a man should be given. It is not customary to use Mr. or Esq. when Jr. or Sr. is used.

  WOMEN. A woman's name should always have
       the Miss or Mrs.

       A woman should never be given her husband's
       official title, as Mrs. Judge Wilson.

       If a woman has a title of her own, she
       should be addressed as Dr. Minnie Wilson,
       when the letter is a professional one. If
       a social letter, this should be Miss Minnie
       Wilson, or Mrs. Minnie Wilson.

ADDRESSING PERSONS. Young girls should be spoken
       of as Minnie Wilson, and not as Miss Minnie,
       but are personally addressed as Miss Minnie.
       Only the greatest intimacy warrants a man
       in addressing a young girl as Minnie.

       Parents should introduce their daughter
       as My daughter Minnie, but should speak
       of them before servants as Miss Minnie.

       A married woman should be spoken of as
       Mrs. Agnes Wilson, and personally addressed
       as Mrs. Wilson.

       invitations should be addressed to the party
       issuing them.

       Letters to a woman who is a comparative
       stranger may begin My dear Mrs. Wilson,
       and to a closer acquaintance Dear Mrs.

       Letters to a man who is a comparative
       stranger may begin My dear Mr. Wilson,
       and to a closer acquaintance Dear Mr.

       For forms of addressing persons with titles,
       as Mayor, see under that title—as, Mayor,

       The letters may end, Sincerely yours, or
       Very truly yours, or I remain yours with
       kindest regards.

       The signature of a man should be John J.
       Wilson or J. Jones Wilson.

       An unmarried woman should sign social
       letters as Minnie Wilson, and a business letter
       as Miss Minnie Wilson. A married woman
       should sign a social letter as Agnes Wilson.
       In signing a business letter, a married woman
       may either sign her name Mrs. Agnes Wilson,
       or, preferably,

       Agnes Wilson
       (Mrs. John Wilson)

AFTERNOON CALLS. These should be made between three and half-past five, and if possible on regular at home days.

In making an afternoon call a man should wear the regulation afternoon dress.

DRESS—MEN. Afternoon dress consists of a double-breasted frock coat of dark material, and waistcoat, either single or double- breasted, of same, or of some fancy material of late design. The trousers should be of light color, avoiding of course extremes in patterns....