McGuffey's Eclectic Primer, Revised Edition

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look go John here all wheel mill have round

oo j

Look! there are John and Sue by the mill pond.

They like to see the big wheel go round.

They have come to play on the logs and in the boat.

John and Sue will play here all day.

[Illustration: Script Exercise:

The cows like grass.

They stand in the shade. ]

or Jane girls floor roll some which black


Here are some girls with skates; but they are not on the ice.

Their skates roll on the floor. Which way do you like to skate,—on the ice, or on the floor?

The girl with the new black dress is Jane Bell.

[Illustration: Four girls roller-skating.]


for out as how try horse should hurt ears be

o no u

[Illustration: Train approaching railroad crossing; two boys and a horse and wagon waiting to cross tracks.]

Look out for the cars!

How fast they come!

No horse can go as fast as the cars.

I will not try to catch them, for I should fall and be hurt.

See the horse look at the cars.

Will he not run?

There is ice on the pond, and the mill wheel can not go round.

The boys are all out on the ice with their skates.

I will let you and Tom try to skate; but do not fall, for you will be hurt.

Look! here come the cars.

John and Nat try to skate as fast as the cars go, but they can not. John has had a fall.

The girls are not on the pond; but some of them have skates which roll on the floor.

[Illustration: Script Exercise:

How fast the cars go!

Can you see them? ]


work ax pile Ned think wood saw hard cut

o th n

[Illustration: Two boys, one sawing, the other chopping logs.]

Ned and John are hard at work. John has a saw, and Ned has an ax.

They will try to cut all of the wood which you see in the pile.

Do you think they can do this in one day

noise air hear gone May walk cool two

a oi

[Illustration: Two girls walking near a lake. Men working and boys playing in background.]

Two girls have gone out for a walk.

It is May, and the air is cool. They hear the birds sing in the trees, and they hear the noise of the frogs in the pond.

They see men at work and boys at play.


pull cart goats Bess up ride hill


[Illustration: Girl riding in small cart pulled by two goats.]

Bess has a cart and two goats.

She likes to ride in her cart.

See how the goats pull!

Bess is so big, I think she should walk up the hill.

The goats love Bess, for she feeds them, and is kind to them.

blaze put yet house fire roof call ring we


[Illustration: Boys running in front of burning house.]

This house is on fire.

Look! the roof is in a blaze.

Run, boys, and ring the bell. Call some men to put out the fire.

We may yet save the house, if we work hard


Bess, do you hear a noise?

Yes, Tom; what is it?

It is the mill by our house; logs are cut there.

How do they cut the logs, Tom,—with an ax?

Not with an ax, Bess; it is too hard work; they cut them with a saw.

May we not go and see the mill at work, Tom?

Yes, I think so. The air is cool, and we can walk in the shade....