McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book

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Lesson 1.


Short Sound of A.

am cat gap ban cap
an bad bag can map
as mad gag fan nap
at pad hag pan rap
ax sad lag ran hap
rat gad tag tan jam
sat sap fag van ham

Short Sound of E.

bed den net sell tent
led ken pet nest rent
red men set zest sent
wed wen yet test went
beg jet sex pest felt
leg let fell rest pelt
hen met bell jest melt

Lesson 2.


Short Sound of I.

if rid him sin jig it lid rim tin rig is sip fix dig bib bit tip six fig jib hit nip din big rib sit lip pin pig fib

Short Sound of O.

on cob nod box dot
ox job pod hop jot
got rob rod mop lot
cot sob log sop pot
jot cod hog pop rot
lot God dog top not

Short Sound of U.

up mud rum rut gush us dug sum hung dust cub mug bun bung must hub pug dun lung rust rub tug run sung gust bud jug sun hulk drum

Lesson 3.


man lap pat tap had fin get ten wet peg fit dim mix hid his hot rot fob dot con rug hum fun hut cut

had fun hug gum flog den fog dip nag dram did tub fog bet help sod hod gun pen lift lad bet did cog rush

Lesson 4.

Long Sound of A.

date jade came cage bane late fade dame page lace mate rate same sage wake

Long Sound of E.

me we she heed weed fee jeer feed deed deep feel leer meek keep peep seek veer beef reel weep

Long Sound of I.

pile dike fire life bide file like tire rife hide mile pike sire wife ride

Long Sound of O.

code dolt bone hope dote node jolt cone pope note bode molt hone rope vote rove bolt tone cope hold

Long Sound of U.

lure cube mute lune huge cure tube duke dune pule pure lute jute use cue

Lesson 5.

Short Sounds of Vowels.

crab bled chip shot bump grab fled ship blot lump drab sled whip spot pump slab sped slip plot jump stab then drip trot hump brag bent spit clog bulk cram best crib frog just clan hemp gift plod drug clad vest king stop shut dash west grit clod hush

Lesson 6.

Various Vowel Sounds.

bard deal tank dell ill
card veal rank tell bill
hard meal sank well fill
bark neat hank yell rill
dark heat dank belt hill
dint bang dime rave cull
hint fang lime gave dull
lint gang tine lave gull
mint hang fine pave hull
tint rang mine save mull

Lesson 7.

Long Sounds of Vowels.

blaze sneer drive globe dean craze creed tribe drone bean shape steep brine stone bead state sleek spire probe beam crape fleet bride shore lean fume smite blame clear mope spume spite flame drear mold fluke quite slate blear tore flume whine spade spear robe dure spine prate smear poke

Lesson 8.

Various Sounds of Vowels.

clasp small cramp bring moan grasp stall stamp cling coast flask fall grand sling toast graft wall stand swing roast craft squall lamp thing roach book boon stork wad pod good spoon horse was rob took bloom snort wash rock foot broom short wast soft hook stool north what lost

Lesson 9.

Long Sounds of Vowels under the Accent.

fa'tal le'gal lo'cal cu'bit na'tal re'gal fo'cal du'el pa'pal re'al vo'cal hu'man pa'gan pe'nal o'ral u'nit ba'by ta'per o'val du'ly la'dy di'al to'tal fu'ry la'zy tri'al bo'ny ju'ry ma'zy fi'nal co'ny pu'ny na'vy vi'tal go'ry pu'pil ra'cy ri'val ro'sy hu'mid Sa'tan vi'al po'sy tu'mid

Lesson 10....