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The Ranidae How to breed, feed and raise the edible frog

by Unknown

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Think of it! "One Dollar a Pound."

The Editor of this book was brought face to face with the true possibilities in Frog raising by his love for this delicate meat and his inability to get it. As I had visited all the principal markets in New York City, a market where it is known the world over that if there is anything in the eatable line to be found it can be found there. This was not so of frog meat. After making several attempts and failing, finally one day I found about twenty pounds, which had been shipped from a distant point, and when I inquired the price? "One dollar a pound," it set me to thinking, as it will you, now that I have brought the subject to your notice. At prices like this and the demand far in excess of the supply, as I had inquired of the market man if he had many calls for frog meat, and his reply was, "More than we can get to supply." Now what more inducement does anyone want? This information should make you ambitious to go into the business of Frog Raising. You hear on all sides of you to-day that there is no opportunity to go in business and make money, as all the branches of industry are overproduced. Here surely is one line of business that is not overproduced. And a business that is not necessary to large capital to start, and one that bids fair to bring him who ventures good profitable results.




Information for Beginners.

We are constantly in receipt of inquiries from parties who want information regarding the raising of Frogs. So we have compiled the following pages to answer more fully such inquiries than we can by letter. If you do not find the information you want contained herein, let us hear from you, and we will take pleasure in advising you to the best of our knowledge.

The author of this book conceived the idea that there was a large amount of money to be made in Raising Frogs.

The object in publishing this book is to get persons who are so situated that they can make a business of raising Frogs interested so as to supply the growing demand that is year by year increasing, and with a price ranging from seventy-five cents to one dollar and fifty cents a pound. This should be an incentive to anyone to start in the business, when the work of Raising Frogs is so simple, and with such large returns to repay one for their efforts.

The principal thing is to study the nature of the Frog in habit and breeding. What knowledge we have in the breeding and raising is given herein, and with the experience gained from observation in Raising Frogs it soon becomes an interesting and profitable business. Frog Raising will bring in more profit for the same amount of time and money invested than any other industry that we know of. Every farmer, or farmer's boy, should have a Frog pond and Raise Frogs.

It is one of the lines of business that we have heard about, "That makes money for you while you sleep."

Many farmers already have Frog ponds, and at a greater profit than any other investment they have on their farm of a like amount. Poultry keepers should have a small Frog pond, especially if they market their product in some city near their Plant and have individual customers, and sell their product direct....