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The History of England, from the Accession of James II - Volume 2

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Consecration of the Nuncio at Saint James's Palace; his public ReceptionThe Duke of SomersetDissolution of the Parliament; Military Offences illegally punishedProceedings of the High Commission; the UniversitiesProceedings against the University of CambridgeThe Earl of MulgraveState of OxfordMagdalene College, OxfordAnthony Farmer recommended by the King for PresidentElection of the PresidentThe Fellows of Magdalene cited before the High CommissionParker recommended as President; the CharterhouseThe Royal ProgressThe King at Oxford; he reprimands the Fellows of MagdalenePenn attempts to mediateSpecial Ecclesiastical Commissioners sent to OxfordProtest of HoughParkerEjection of the FellowsMagdalene College turned into a Popish SeminaryResentment of the ClergySchemes of the Jesuitical Cabal respecting the SuccessionScheme of James and Tyrconnel for preventing the Princess of Orange     from succeeding to the Kingdom of IrelandThe Queen pregnant; general IncredulityFeeling of the Constituent Bodies, and of the PeersJames determines to pack a ParliamentThe Board of RegulatorsMany Lords Lieutenants dismissed; the Earl of OxfordThe Earl of ShrewsburyThe Earl of DorsetQuestions put to the MagistratesTheir Answers; Failure of the King's PlansList of SheriffsCharacter of the Roman Catholic Country GentlemenFeeling of the Dissenters; Regulation of CorporationsInquisition in all the Public DepartmentsDismission of SawyerWilliams Solicitor GeneralSecond Declaration of Indulgence; the Clergy ordered to read itThey hesitate; Patriotism of the Protestant Nonconformists of LondonConsultation of the London ClergyConsultation at Lambeth PalacePetition of the Seven Bishops presented to the KingThe London Clergy disobey the Royal OrderHesitation of the GovernmentIt is determined to prosecute the Bishops for a LibelThey are examined by the Privy CouncilThey are committed to the TowerBirth of the PretenderHe is generally believed to be supposititiousThe Bishops brought before the King's Bench and bailedAgitation of the public MindUneasiness of SunderlandHe professes himself a Roman CatholicTrial of the BishopsThe Verdict; Joy of the PeoplePeculiar State of Public Feeling at this Time   Change in the Opinion of the Tories concerning the Lawfulness of ResistanceRussell proposes to the Prince of Orange a Descent on EnglandHenry SidneyDevonshire; Shrewsbury; HalifaxDanbyBishop ComptonNottingham; LumleyInvitation to William despatchedConduct of MaryDifficulties of William's EnterpriseConduct of James after the Trial of the BishopsDismissions and PromotionsProceedings of the High Commission; Sprat resigns his SeatDiscontent of the Clergy; Transactions at OxfordDiscontent of the GentryDiscontent of the ArmyIrish Troops brought over; Public IndignationLillibulleroPolitics of the United Provinces; Errors of the French KingHis Quarrel with the Pope concerning FranchisesThe Archbishopric of CologneSkilful Management of WilliamHis Military and Naval PreparationsHe receives numerous Assurances of Support from EnglandSunderlandAnxiety of WilliamWarnings conveyed to JamesExertions of Lewis to save JamesJames frustrates themThe French Armies invade GermanyWilliam obtains the Sanction of the States General to his ExpeditionSchombergBritish Adventurers at the HagueWilliam's DeclarationJames roused to a Sense of his Danger; his Naval MeansHis Military MeansHe attempts to conciliate his SubjectsHe gives Audience to the BishopsHis Concessions ill receivedProofs of the Birth of the Prince of Wales submitted to thePrivy CouncilDisgrace of SunderlandWilliam takes leave of the States of HollandHe embarks and sails; he is driven back by a StormHis Declaration arrives in England; James questions the LordsWilliam sets sail the second TimeHe passes the StraitsHe lands at TorbayHe enters ExeterConversation of the King with the BishopsDisturbances in LondonMen of Rank begin to repair to the PrinceLovelaceColchester; AbingdonDesertion of CornburyPetition of the Lords for a ParliamentThe King goes to SalisburySeymour; Court of William at ExeterNorthern InsurrectionSkirmish at WincantonDesertion of Churchill and GraftonRetreat of the Royal Army from SalisburyDesertion of Prince George and OrmondFlight of the Princess AnneCouncil of Lords held by JamesHe appoints Commissioners to treat with WilliamThe Negotiation a FeintDartmouth refuses to send the Prince of Wales into FranceAgitation of LondonForged ProclamationRisings in various Parts of the CountryClarendon joins the Prince at Salisbury; Dissension in the Prince's CampThe Prince reaches Hungerford; Skirmish at Reading;The King's Commissioners arrive at HungerfordNegotiationThe Queen and the Prince of Wales sent to France; LauzunThe King's Preparations for FlightHis Flight   The Flight of James known; great AgitationThe Lords meet at GuildhallRiots in LondonThe Spanish Ambassador's House sackedArrest of JeffreysThe Irish NightThe King detained near SheernessThe Lords order him to be set at LibertyWilliam's EmbarrassmentArrest of FevershamArrival of James in LondonConsultation at WindsorThe Dutch Troops occupy WhitehallMessage from the Prince delivered to JamesJames sets out for Rochester; Arrival of William at Saint James'sHe is advised to assume the Crown by Right of ConquestHe calls together the Lords and the Members of the Parliaments of Charles II....