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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 2, No. 24, June 16, 1898 A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls

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"ONE PIECE" Adjustable Book Covers.

These covers fit perfectly all sizes of books. They are all ready for use—properly gummed—and do not have to be cut. They are made of a special paper, manufactured exclusively for these covers, which is admitted to be the best for wear, and also for cleanliness, as it is glazed and cannot readily be soiled. They are not easily torn, for when adjusted to a book all exposed edges are of double thickness.


No. A1—Per dozen, *20 cents. Per 100, $1.50. Per 1,000, $12.50.

This size fits the smallest book, and also small 12mos.

No. 1—Same price.

Especially adapted to school and library books. It will fit 16mo. to small 8 vo. sizes, and is suitable for 90 per cent. of the school books in use.

No. 2—Per dozen, *40 cents. Per 100, $2.50 Per 1,000, $17.50.

For small geographies, encyclopædias, law books, &c.

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For large geographies.


Do you not have to buy three sizes to cover Histories, Readers, Arithmetics, &c.?

Look at the book covers you are using and see how they stick to covers; they must injure the books.

"ONE PIECE" Covers will not stick to or injure the covers of the books.

One size will fit Arithmetics, Histories, &c., and the new paper is acknowledged to be heavier, tougher, and better than any other cover paper used.

Send for samples and test them for yourself. Sample dozen, postpaid, 25 cents.

FIRST EDITION EXHAUSTED   A Short History of.... SPAIN BYMARY PLATT PARMELE(Author of the famous Evolution of Empire Series of Histories)   10 Cents Each            POSTPAID            $1.00 per Dozen

" . . . Wonderfully condensed . . ." "It reads like a romance." "Can be finished in less than an hour, yet gives a full bird's-eye view of a country and people. The author's style is charming." "Accidentally running across your cute little History of Spain, I was so taken with it as an epitome of the sort that I have long believed there was room for, that I would like to see what else you have. So please mail me a couple of sample copies of your weekly, as I have not seen that yet."

"Every school should have a course in Spanish History at this time."

Second Edition Now in Press
The Great Round World Publishing Company5 West 18th Street, New York City
'Tis the Small Things of Life That Give Pleasure   That's why the"DUBLEOOK"EASY for Cleaning and StoringSAVES Tires and EnamelAll Running Gear Free     Bicycle    Hangeris PERFECT 50c.  FULL NICKELEDCOMPLETE Of all dealers or postpaid ofTHE G.W.E. CO., Room 1103, 26 Cortlandt Street, New York

To hold loose numbers of the current part of The Great Round World—preventing them from being lost, getting soiled, or scattered. May be had in green, red, or blue cloth. Price, 35 Cents.

ADDRESSGreat Round World Publishing Co....