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The Baby's Bouquet A Fresh Bunch of Rhymes and Tunes

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Polly, put the kettle on,Polly, put the kettle on,Polly, put the kettle on,We’ll all have tea.Sukey, take it off again,Sukey, take it off again,Sukey, take it off again,They’ve all gone away.


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Hot Cross Buns!Hot Cross Buns!One a penny, two a penny,Hot Cross Buns!If you have no daughters,If you have no daughters,If you have no daughters,Pray give them to your sons;But if you have none of these little elves,Then you must eat them all yourselves.



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There was a little woman, as I’ve heard say,Fol, lol, diddle, diddle dol;She went to market, her eggs for to sell,Fol, lol, diddle, diddle dol.She went to market all on a market day,And she fell asleep upon the king’s highway;Fol de rol de lol lol lol lol lol,Fol, lol, diddle, diddle dol.2 And there came a pedlar whose name was Stout,Fol, lol, &c.,He cut her petticoats all round about,Fol, lol, &c.,He cut her petticoats up to her knees,Which made the little woman to shiver and freeze,Fol de rol, &c.3 When the little woman began to awake,Fol, lol, &c.,She began to shiver, and she began to shake,Fol, lol, &c.,She began to shake, and she began to cry,Lawk-a-mercy on me! this is none of I,Fol de rol, &c.4 If it be I, as I suppose it be,Fol lol, &c.,I’ve a little dog at home, and he knows me;Fol, lol, &c.,If it be I, he will wag his little tail,If it be not I, he will bark and rail,Fol de rol, &c.5 And when the little woman went home in the dark,Fol, lol, &c.,Her little dog he did begin to bark,Fol, lol, &c.,He began to bark, and she began to cry,Lawk-a-mercy on me! this is none of I,Fol de rol, &c.


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Once there lived a little man,Where a little river ran,And he had a little farm and little dairy O!And he had a little plough,And a little dappled cow,Which he often called his pretty little Fairy O!2And his dog he called Fidelle,For he loved his master well;And he had a little pony for his pleasure O!In a sty not very bigHe’d a frisky little pig,Which he often called his little piggy treasure O!3 Once his little maiden, Ann,With her pretty little can,Went a-milking when the morning sun was beaming O!When she fell, I don’t know how,But she stumbled o’er the plough,And the cow was quite astonished at her screaming O!4Little maid cried out in vain,While the milk ran o’er the plain,Little pig ran grunting after it so gaily O!While the little dog behind,For a share was much inclined,So he pulled back squeaking piggy by the taily O!5Such a clatter now beganAs alarmed the little man,Who came capering from out his little stable O!Pony trod on doggy’s toes,Doggy snapped at piggy’s nose,Piggy made as great a noise as he was able O!6Then to make the story short,Little pony with a snortLifted up his little heels so very clever O...!