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Phrases for Public Speakers and Paragraphs for Study

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A further objection toAgain, can we doubtAgain, we have abundant instancesAlas! how oftenAll experience evinces thatAll that I have been stating hithertoAll that is quite true.All this, I know well enoughAll this is unnatural becauseAll we do know is thatAm I mistaken in this?Amid so much that is uncertainAnd, again, it is to be presumed thatAnd, finally, have not theseAnd, further, all that I have saidAnd hence it continually happensAnd hence it is thatAnd here, in passing, let us noticeAnd here observe thatAnd if I know anything ofAnd if it is further asked whyAnd I sometimes imagine thatAnd I wish also to say thatAnd, in fact, it isAnd it is certainly trueAnd it may be admitted thatAnd just here we touch the vital point inAnd let me here again refer toAnd now it begins to be apparentAnd now we are naturally brought on toAnd now we are toldAnd pursuing the subjectAnd so again in this dayAnd so, in like mannerAnd strange to sayAnd such, I say, isAnd the same is true ofAnd the whole point of these observations isAnd this is manifestly trueAny thoughtful man can readily perceiveAs far as my experience goesAs for me, I sayAs it wereAt first it does seem as thoAt this very moment, there areAt times we hear it said.

Be it so.Be true to your own sense of right.Believe me, it is quite impossible forBut all is not done.But bear in mind thatBut by no kind of calculation can weBut do not tell me thatBut further stillBut here we take our stand.But I am not quite sure thatBut I digress.But I do not desire to obtrude aBut I recollect thatBut I shall go still farther.But I submit whether itBut I will not dwell onBut I will not pause to point outBut if you look seriously at factsBut in any caseBut in fact there is no reason forBut is it in truth so easy toBut is it rationally conceivable thatBut it is fitting I should sayBut, it may be urged, ifBut lest it should still be argued thatBut let it be once understood thatBut let us suppose all theseBut look at the difference.But my idea of it isBut now, I repeat,But now, lastly, let us supposeBut now let us turn toBut now, on the other hand, couldBut now some other things are to be notedBut somehow all is changed!But the question for us isBut to go still furtherBut waiving this assumptionBut we dwell too longBut we have faith thatBut what is the motive?But what then?But with us how changed!But why do we speak ofBut you may say trulyBut you must remember

Can there be a better illustration thanCan you doubt it?Certainly, I did not knowCompare now the case of

Did time admit I could show youDoes anybody believe thatDo you dream thatDo not entertain so weak an imaginationDo not misunderstand me.

Enough has been said ofEven apart from the vital question ofEverybody has to say that

Few people will disputeFirst, sir, permit me to observeFor instance,For instance, there surely isFor my part, I can say that I desireFor the sake of clearnessFor this simple reasonFor what...?