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Oh! Susannah! A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts

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Scene. The Doctor's consulting room. Ground floor, 13 Marmalade Street, Pimlico. (See Scene Plot.)

(Aurora. the slavey, discovered laying out Doctor's letters lovingly on his writing table; she kisses each one as she lays it down—all are in blue envelopes.)

Aurora. They're all for 'im—the dear doctor. Won't 'e be pleased when 'e comes back and finds all this little lot! 'E went off quite sudden two days ago. Gone to see a patient, I expect, none ever comes 'ere, so 'e must go to them, (crosses L., looks in mirror) Oh, why was I born so rudely 'ealthy? (on sofa) I would like to be 'is patient. I'd a-bear anythin' with the dear doctor to see to me, 'e's got sich a sorft 'and. (jumps off sofa and stands C. looking at aunt's picture, curtseys) I wonder if she's 'is fancy? 'Er with the diamond combs. You ain't the only one, my lady, with diamond combs! I'll struggle with yer. (produces combs from her pocket) Tenpence a pair—in the Strand, (going to put them on, stops) No, I'll wait till 'e comes 'ome. They're all for 'im, the dear doctor—all for 'im! (end of sofa)

(Enter Tupper, a fat little page.)

Tupper. I say, Aurora. the missus is a'goin' to do the thing in style this afternoon, two fiddler blokes—an' a planner an' a programme o' the dances pinned up over the mantelpiece over 'ead. (picks up cigarette end off ash tray and smokes it)

Aurora (down C.) Lor, you don't say! An' printed invitations an' all. (takes card from mirror) 'Ark at this! "Mrs. O'Hara requests the honor of Doctor Sheppard'ss company—"

Tupper. 'E won't come back for that. I wish 'e would.

Aurora. Why not, Tupper? Where's 'e gone? (comes C.)

Tupper. Gie us a kiss, an' I'll tell yer.

Aurora. (moving away) A kiss! There's bloomin' cheek! I never did!

Tupper. (coming to her) Oh yes, you did—only larst Friday, an' it's Friday agin, an' what's more, it's Lady Day.

Aurora. (innocently) Is it, Tupper? Well, as it's Lady Day. (puts her cheek up, aside) It's all for 'im! (kiss Bus.) Now tell me.

Tupper. 'E's gorn to get married, (goes down r. puffing cigarette hard)

Aurora. (with concern) No, Tupper, don't say that! (changes her tone) I mean, 'ow do you know?

Tupper. (turning round) Gie us another, an' I'll tell yer!

Aurora. Go hon!

Tupper. I will when I got summat to go hon with. (comes to her)

Aurora. (impatiently) Oh, there, then! (kissed him—aside) They're all for 'im!

Tupper. Well, as you know, (gets on table) Aurora. the doctor's a wonderful gentle gentleman, as gentle as—well, there 'e is gentle!

Aurora. (more impatiently) I know that. I give you them kisses to tell me summat I don't know.

Tupper. Well, I'm goin' to. When 'e was packing to go away, 'e was that excited 'e couldn't 'ardly strap the bag.

Aurora. Well, what o' that? A gentleman can get excited without gettin' married, yer silly kid! (goes to steps)

Tupper. Ah, but 'e put on a new frock coat, an' a bran noo pair o' trarsers——

Aurora. The dear doctor! I'll bet 'e looked a toff! (start on steps)