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Light On the Child's Path

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Our Best Friend

IN A log cabin in the mountains lived a little boy. He often played near the house, but did not go far away. Near the house were many trees and rocks and among these wild animals stayed.



One day the boy missed his mama and thought he would try to find her. He went down the path toward the spring, where he had often gone after water. He went on and on. Finally he wished to return, but did not know the way. Poor boy, he was lost.



He started toward what he thought was home, and walked and walked. Becoming very tired, he sat down to rest and soon fell asleep.

His mama missed her boy and hunted everywhere for him. Night came on, but she did not give up her search. She hunted and called, but no answer came. She feared the wild beasts would get him, but prayed to God to protect her child. She hunted all night and in the morning found him safe and still asleep.

The best friend we have on earth is a good mother. She thinks of her children at all times. She loves them and lives for them. She seems to know all about our little cares and trials. When we are willing to help her, it shows that we think of her and love her, too.

Have you ever thought how she toils and cares for you? She works for you every day—gets your meals, breakfast, dinner, and supper; washes and mends your clothes and stockings; and at night makes your pillow nice and soft for you so you can sleep well.

She seems to know just what to do if we happen to get hurt.



Mother is watching after her little ones all the day long, and when she puts her hand upon our heads at night as we bow at her knee in prayer, she seems to say, “God bless and keep my darling child.” When she tucks the covers tight about us and sits by our bedside, we think that Mama is the best friend we have. Don’t we?

Now I will tell you of another friend. This friend lives in heaven. His name is God. We can not see God, but he looks down from heaven and sees us. He sees everything we do, and hears everything we say. He knows all things.

It was God who made this earth where we live, and everything that has life. We pray to God, and he hears us and answers our prayers.



The Good Book

THE Bible is a good book. In it we read about God, and about his making the earth, sun, moon, stars, trees, flowers, rocks, water, birds, fishes, animals, and man.

We read of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman; of their beautiful home, the Garden of Eden; and also of their children and their children’s children.

In it there are many, many stories about how God helped people in times of trial.

We also read about Jesus, the Son of God, who came down from heaven and died for us, that we might have eternal life.

Good men wrote the Bible long, long ago, and the contents have been kept, until now we all have Bibles. The Bible is called Holy Bible because it is God’s Word, and is a record of God’s work and God’s words....