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Language of Flowers

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  Abecedary Volatility. Abatina Fickleness. Acacia Friendship. Acacia, Rose or White     Elegance. Acacia, Yellow Secret love. Acanthus The fine arts. Artifice. Acalia Temperance. Achillea Millefolia War. Aconite (Wolfsbane) Misanthropy. Aconite, Crowfoot Lustre. Adonis, Flos Painful recollections. African Marigold Vulgar minds. Agnus Castus Coldness. Indifference. Agrimony Thankfulness. Gratitude.   Almond (Common) Stupidity. Indiscretion. Almond (Flowering) Hope. Almond, Laurel Perfidy Allspice Compassion. Aloe Grief. Religious superstition. Althaea Frutex (Syrian Mallow)     Persuasion. Alyssum (Sweet) Worth beyond beauty. Amaranth (Globe) Immortality. Unfading love. Amaranth (Cockscomb) Foppery. Affectation. Amaryllis Pride. Timidity. Splendid beauty. Ambrosia Love returned. American Cowslip Divine beauty. American Elm Patriotism. American Linden Matrimony. American Starwort Welcome to a stranger. Cheerfulness in old age. Amethyst Admiration. Anemone (Zephyr Flower) Sickness. Expectation. Anemone (Garden) Forsaken. Angelica Inspiration. Angrec Royalty. Apple Temptation. Apple (Blossom) Preference. Fame speaks him great and good. Apple, Thorn Deceitful charms. Apocynum (Dog's Vane) Deceit. Arbor Vitæ Unchanging Friendship. Live for me. Arum (Wake Robin) Ardour. Ash-leaved Trumpet Flower Separation. Ash Tree Grandeur. Aspen Tree Lamentation. Aster (China) Variety. Afterthought. Asphodel My regrets follow you to the grave. Auricula Painting. Auricula, Scarlet Avarice. Austurtium Splendour. Azalea Temperance. Bachelor's Buttons Celibacy. Balm Sympathy. Balm, Gentle Pleasantry. Balm of Gilead Cure. Relief. Balsam, Red Touch me not. Impatient resolves. Balsam, Yellow Impatience. Barberry Sourness of temper. Barberry Tree Sharpness. Basil Hatred. Bay Leaf I change but in death. Bay (Rose) Rhododendron Danger. Beware. Bay Tree Glory. Bay Wreath Reward of merit. Bearded Crepis Protection. Beech Tree Prosperity. Bee Orchis Industry. Bee Ophrys Error. Belladonna Silence Bell Flower, Pyramidal Constancy. Bell Flower (small white) Gratitude.   Belvedere I declare against you. Betony Surprise. Bilberry Treachery. Bindweed, Great Insinuation. Bindweed, Small Humility. Birch Meekness. Birdsfoot Trefoil Revenge. Bittenweet; Nightshade Truth. Black Poplar Courage. Blackthorn Difficulty. Bladder Nut Tree Frivolity. Amusement. Bluebottle (Centaury) Delicacy. Bluebell Constancy. Blue-flowered Greek Valerian Rupture. Boras Henricus Goodness.   Borage Bluntness. Box Tree Stoicism. Bramble Lowliness. Envy. Remorse. Branch of Currants You please all. Branch of Thorns Severity. Rigour. Bridal Rose Happy love. Broom Humility. Neatness. Buckbean Calm repose. Bud of White Rose Heart ignorant of love. Bugloss Falsehood. Bulrush Indiscretion. Docility. Bundle of Reeds, with their Panicles     Music. Burdock Importunity. Touch me not. Buttercup (Kingcup) Ingratitude. Childishness. Butterfly Orchis Gaiety. Butterfly Weed Let me go. ...