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Count Alarcos; a Tragedy

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ACT I SCENE 1A Street in Burgos; the Cathedral in the distance.[Enter Two Courtiers.] I:1:1 1ST COURT.The Prince of Hungary dismissed?I:1:2 2ND COURT.IndeedSo runs the rumour.I:1:3 1ST COURT.Why the spousal noteStill floats upon the air!I:1:4 2ND COURT.Myself this mornBeheld the Infanta's entrance, as she threw,Proud as some hitless barb, her haughty glanceOn our assembled chiefs.I:1:5 1ST COURT.The Prince was there?I:1:6 2ND COURT.Most royally; nor seemed a man more fitTo claim a kingdom for a dower. He lookedOur Gadian Hercules, as the advancing peersTheir homage paid. I followed in the trainOf Count Alarcos, with whose ancient houseMy fortunes long have mingled.I:1:7 1ST COURT.'Tis the same,But just returned?I:1:8 2ND COURT.Long banished from the Court;And only favoured since the Queen's decease,His ancient foe.I:1:9 1ST COURT.A very potent Lord?I:1:10 2ND COURT.Near to the throne; too near perchance for peace.You're young at Burgos, or indeed 'twere vainTo sing Alarcos' praise, the brightest knightThat ever waved a lance in Old Castille.I:1:11 1ST COURT.You followed in his train?I:1:12 2ND COURT.And as we passed,Alarcos bowing to the lowest earth,The Infanta swooned; and pale as yon niched saint,From off the throned step, her seat of place,Fell in a wild and senseless agony.I:1:13 1ST COURT.Sancta Maria! and the King—I:1:14 2ND COURT.UproseAnd bore her from her maidens, then broke upThe hurried Court; indeed I know no more,For like a turning tide the crowd pressed on,And scarcely could I gain the grateful air.Yet on the Prado's walk came smiling byThe Bishop of Ossuna; as he passedHe clutched my cloak, and whispered in my ear,'The match is off.'[Enter PAGE.]I:1:15 1ST COURT.Hush! hush! a passenger.I:1:16 PAGE.Most noble Cavaliers, I pray, inform meWhere the great Count Alarcos holds his quarter.I:1:17 2ND COURT.In the chief square. His banner tells the roof;Your pleasure with the Count, my gentle youth?I:1:18 PAGE.I were a sorry messenger to tellMy mission to the first who asks its aim.I:1:19 2ND COURT.The Count Alarcos is my friend and chief.I:1:20 PAGE.Then better reason I should trusty be,For you can be a witness to my trust.I:1:21 1ST COURT.A forward youth!I:1:22 2ND COURT.A page is ever pertI:1:23 PAGE.Ay! ever pert is youth that baffles age.[Exit PAGE.]I:1:24 1ST COURT.The Count is married?I:1:25 2ND COURT.To a beauteous lady;And blessed with a fair race. A happy manIndeed is Count Alarcos.[A trumpet sounds.]I:1:26 1ST COURT.Prithee, see;Passes he now?I:1:27 2ND COURT.Long since. Yon banner tellsThe Count Sidonia. Let us on, and viewThe passage of his pomp. His Moorish steeds,They say, are very choice.[Exeunt Two Courtiers.] SCENE 2. A Chamber in the Palace of Alarcos. The COUNTESS seated andworking at her tapestry; the COUNT pacing the Chamber. I:2:1 COUN.You are disturbed, Alarcos?I:2:2 ALAR.'Tis the stirAnd tumult of this morn....