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'All's Well!'

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      God is;      God sees;      God loves;      God knows.    And Right is Right;    And Right is Might.  In the full ripeness of His Time,  All these His vast prepotencies  Shall round their grace-work to the prime  Of full accomplishment,  And we shall see the plan sublime  Of His beneficent intent.  Live on in hope!  Press on in faith!  Love conquers all things,  Even Death.


  Watchman! What of the night?   No light we see,—    Our souls are bruised and sickened with the sight    Of this foul crime against humanity.    The Ways are dark——           "I SEE THE MORNING LIGHT!"

    —The Ways are dark;    Faith folds her wings; and Hope, in piteous plight,    Has dimmed her radiant lamp to feeblest spark.    Love bleeding lies——           "I SEE THE MORNING LIGHT!"

    —Love bleeding lies,    Struck down by this grim fury of despight,    Which once again her Master crucifies.    He dies again——           "I SEE THE MORNING LIGHT!"

    —He dies again,    By evil slain! Who died for man's respite    By man's insensate rage again is slain.    O woful sight!——           "I SEE THE MORNING LIGHT!

    —Beyond the war-clouds and the reddened ways,    I see the Promise of the Coming Days!    I see His Sun arise, new-charged with grace    Earth's tears to dry and all her woes efface!    Christ lives! Christ loves! Christ rules!    No more shall Might,    Though leagued with all the Forces of the Night,    Ride over Right. No more shall Wrong    The world's gross agonies prolong.    Who waits His Time shall surely see    The triumph of His Constancy;—    When, without let, or bar, or stay,    The coming of His Perfect Day    Shall sweep the Powers of Night away;—      And Faith, replumed for nobler flight,      And Hope, aglow with radiance bright,      And Love, in loveliness bedight,                SHALL GREET THE MORNING LIGHT!"


  Lord God of Hosts, whose mighty hand  Dominion holds on sea and land,  In Peace and War Thy Will we see  Shaping the larger liberty.  Nations may rise and nations fall,  Thy Changeless Purpose rules them all.

  When Death flies swift on wave or field,  Be Thou a sure defence and shield!  Console and succour those who fall,  And help and hearten each and all!  O, hear a people's prayers for those  Who fearless face their country's foes!

  For those who weak and broken lie,  In weariness and agony—  Great Healer, to their beds of pain  Come, touch, and make them whole again!  O, hear a people's prayers, and bless  Thy servants in their hour of stress!

[Five million copies of this hymn have been sold and the profits given to the various Funds for the Wounded....