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A Complete Edition of the Works of Nancy Luce

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The Lord has put down

In the Bible; He says:

The sin in the world,—

It grieves him to his heart.

The Lord he forbiddeth

All cruelty to dumb creatures,

And helpless human too.

He will cut the sinners asunder hereafter.


God says: "Ye shall not afflict any helpless or fatherless child. If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry."


Human, they cannot get into heaven,

Without they do God's commandments, in deeds, words, and thoughts,

To human, and dumb creatures too.

Consider how you would feel yourselves to be crueled.

The greatest sin is to cruel the poor harmless dumb creatures,

They cannot speak, nor help themselves,

The next sin is to cruel sick human,

The next sin is to cruel any who cannot help themselves.

The Lord give human his word,

To do justice to the afflicted and needy,

To all poor sufferers, human and dumb creatures too,

To be tender and kind to all.

O may our sympathizing hearts,

In generous pleasures know,

Kindly to share in others' joy,

And weep for others' woe.

O Charity, thou heavenly grace,

All tender, soft and kind;

A friend to all the living race,

To all that's good inclined.

The Lord takes pleasure in them,

Which will not hurt dumb creatures, nor human,

In not any way whatever,

Have holy hearts, tender and kind.

The wicked shall their triumph see,

And gnash their teeth in agony,

They and their envy, pride, and spite,

Sink down to everlasting punishment.

The full rank of evil one wants all to be cruel,

To the poor harmless dumb creatures,

And cruel to sick human too,

And take the advantage and cruel all.

The full rank of evil one wants all to be murders,

And lie, rob, cheat, and steal,

And deceit, and contraryness, and so on,

And plague every body they can.

The good God of heaven,

Will cast off such sinners,

To their double rank,

Punishment hereafter.

Poor thoughtless sinners,

Going on in sin,

Minding the evil one,

Their punishment they will have hereafter.

God has given human his word,

To have no evil conduct,

And no evil speaking,

And no evil thoughts.

God wants all to be tender and kind,

Soft be our hearts, their misery to feel,

And swift

Our hands to aid.

This world a place of misery,

Some of the worst of sinners have destroyed my head,

I cannot bear it up, O my misery,

Their heart is made of stone, to do such a thing.


O Lord, my God of heaven, I pray for Thy holy spirit to go in all the needy hearts in the whole wide world around. O that they may be tender and kind to all the poor harmless dumb creatures, and sick human too, and others too. The sinners will have their punishment according to their sins, if they will not have the Holy Spirit.

O Lord, my God of heaven, I pray Thee, enable me what to do, and what to say, and what to think, day after day. O Lord, my God, be with me.


Love God with all your soul and strength,

With all your heart and mind,

Be faithful, just, and kind,

Have tender feelings in your heart.

Deal with another as you'd have

Another deal with you,

What you're unwilling to receive

Be sure you never do....