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A Child's Garden of Verses

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The Child Alone

      I The Unseen Playmate     II My Ship and I    III My Kingdom     IV Picture-Books in Winter      V My Treasures     VI Block City    VII The Land of Story-Books   VIII Armies in the Fire     IX The Little Land

Garden Days

      I Night and Day     II Nest Eggs    III The Flowers     IV Summer Sun      V The Dumb Soldier     VI Autumn Fires    VII The Gardener   VIII Historical Associations


      I To Willie and Henrietta     II To My Mother    III To Auntie     IV To Minnie      V To My Name-Child     VI To Any Reader

A Child's Garden of Verses

                                             I                                       Bed in Summer

  In winter I get up at night  And dress by yellow candle-light.  In summer quite the other way,  I have to go to bed by day.

  I have to go to bed and see  The birds still hopping on the tree,  Or hear the grown-up people's feet  Still going past me in the street.

  And does it not seem hard to you,  When all the sky is clear and blue,  And I should like so much to play,  To have to go to bed by day?

                                            II                                         A Thought

  It is very nice to think  The world is full of meat and drink,  With little children saying grace  In every Christian kind of place.

                                            III                                      At the Sea-Side

  When I was down beside the sea  A wooden spade they gave to me       To dig the sandy shore.

  My holes were empty like a cup.  In every hole the sea came up,       Till it could come no more.

                                            IV                                    Young Night-Thought

  All night long and every night,  When my mama puts out the light,  I see the people marching by,  As plain as day before my eye.

  Armies and emperor and kings,  All carrying different kinds of things,  And marching in so grand a way,  You never saw the like by day.

  So fine a show was never seen  At the great circus on the green;  For every kind of beast and man  Is marching in that caravan.

  As first they move a little slow,  But still the faster on they go,  And still beside me close I keep  Until we reach the town of Sleep.

                                             V                                  Whole Duty of Children

  A child should always say what's true  And speak when he is spoken to,  And behave mannerly at table;  At least as far as he is able....