The Adventures of the Little Woman, Her Dog and the Pedlar

by: Anonymous

Language: English
Published: 1 week ago
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There was a little woman,
As I have heard tell,
She went to market,
Her Eggs for to sell.
She went to Market,
All on a Market day,
And she fell asleep,
On the King’s highway.
By came a Pedlar,
His name it was Stout,
And he cut her petticoats,
All round about.
He cut her Petticoats
Up to her knees,
Which made the little woman
Began for to freeze.
When this little woman,
Began to awake,
She began to shiver,
And she began to shake.
She began to shake,
And she began to cry,
“Goodness mercy on me,
Sure this is not I!”
“But if this be I,
As I hope it be,
I have a little dog at home,
And he will know me.”
“And if this be I,
He will wag his tail,
But if it’s not I,
He will bark and wail.”
When this little woman,
Came home in the dark,
Up starts the little dog,
And began for to bark.
He began to bark,
And she began to cry,
“Goodness mercy on me,
’Tis surely not I!”
The dog ceased to bark,
The woman then did cry;
“Goodness mercy on me,
Now I know this is I!”




What-ev-er brawls dis-turb the street,
There should be peace at home:
Where sis-ters dwell, and bro-thers meet
Quar-rels should nev-er come.


Birds in their lit-tle nests a-gree;
And ’tis a shame-ful sight
When chil-dren of one fam-i-ly
Fall out, and chide, and fight.


The wise will make their an-ger cool,
At least be-fore ’tis night;
But in the bo-som of a fool
It burns till morn-ing light.


Par-don, OLord, our child-ish rage,
Our lit-tle brawls re-move,
That, as we grow to ri-per age,
Our hearts may all be love.

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