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Now, Ned, please do not put my kitty into the bath tub.

Yes, sister, I must give her a bath. Here is the bath tub with some nice warm water.

But, Ned, kitty will get sick if you put her into the water. She will take cold.

No, I will wrap her well in the big shawl, and then she can not take cold.

So Ned gave kitty a bath, and then put her into the nice warm shawl.


Hold on, Frank, you are going too fast. I can not keep up with you.

Use your whip, Fred, and make your pony go faster. Come up to me and we will have a race.

Well, here we go. Hurrah, hurrah! Go on, pony, as fast as you can, and we will catch Frank.

We are going faster now, Frank, and will pass you in the race. No, Fred, you can not pass me, for my pony can run faster than yours.

Well, we will see if he can.



Who said play hide and seek?

I did, Frank.

Well, shut your eyes, Ned, while we go and hide.

Shall I stand by this tree, boys?

Yes, we will hide, and then you must try to find us.

Well, go and hide.

One, two, three, four, five, six--look out for me, boys.

Here I come. Ha! I see your black cap, Frank. Come out of that barn.

I spy you, Roy. You are hid under the hay; and there is Fred in the box.

Now, Frank, you shut your eyes.

No, Fred, there is my pony, and I am going to take a ride.

Well, I will get my pony, and ride too. Shall we have a race?

Yes, but my pony can run faster than yours.

If I use my whip, I can keep up with you, and I may pass you.

But there is my sister. I must go and see her. What is it, sister?

Please put this shawl over me, Fred. Wrap me up well, for it is pretty cold.

So kitty did not get sick, did she, sister?

O no! kitty is well, but she does not like the bath tub, Fred.



bearlegspawsa fraid'stickhindholdsstands

O Frank, look at that big dog!

It is not a dog, Fred. It is a black bear.

Are you not afraid of him, Frank?

No, he will not hurt us. Do you not see the man feed him from his hand? What a funny bear! See, Frank, how he stands up on his hind legs, and holds the stick in his paws! Is he strong, Frank?

Yes, he is very strong, and his fur coat is warm.

Where did the man get him, Frank?

I do not know. We will go and ask him.


How do you do, sir?

How do you do, boys?

You have a nice bear there, sir. We like to see him play. Where did you get him?

I was hunting with my dogs, and saw a little bear up in a tree....