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U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1962 January - June

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A list of books, pamphlets, serials, and contributions to periodicals for which renewal registrations were made during the period covered by this issue. Arrangement is alphabetical under the name of the author or issuing body or, in the case of serials and certain other works, by title. Information relating to both the original and the renewal registration is included in each entry. References from the names of renewal claimants, joint authors, editors, etc. and from variant forms of names are interfiled.

A.M.O.R.C. SEE Ancient Mystical Order  Rosae Crucis.

ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST, CONSOLIDATED  EDITION. February 1935 cumulative  quarterly pamphlet. © 20Feb35;  A82040. West Pub. Co. & Lawyers  Co-operative Pub. Co. (PWH); 5Apr62;  R294299.

ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST, CONSOLIDATED  EDITION. 1934 cumulative annual  pocket parts. 40 v. © 26Dec34;  A80246. West Pub. Co. & Lawyers Co-operative  Pub. Co. (PWH); 8Jan62;  R288710.


  Queen Victoria and her ministers.    SEE Marriott, Sir John A. R.


The Son of God. Philip Hereford, translator. Appl. author: Sheed & Ward, Ltd., employer for hire of the translator. © on translation; 25May34; A71823. Sheed & Ward, Ltd. (PWH); 24May62; R295545.


Dynamite; the story of class violence in America. Rev. ed. © 1Aug34; A74379. Stana Adamic (NK); 25Jan62; R289659.

  Grandsons; a story of American lives.    © 20Mar35; A82104. Stana Adamic    (NK); 1Jun62; R296134.

  The great bootleg coal industry.    (In The Nation, Jan. 9, 1935)    © 2Jan35; B248405. Stana    Adamic (NK); 2Mar62; R291832.

  LaFollette progressives face the    future. (In The Nation, Feb. 20,    1935) © 13Feb35; B252262. Stana    Adamic (NK); 4Apr62; R293188.

  The native's return; an American    immigrant visits Yugoslavia &    discovers his old country.    © 1Feb34; A70109. Stana Adamic    (NK); 25Jan62; R289660.

  The steel strike collapses. (In The    Nation, July 4, 1934) © 27Jun34;    B230230. Stana Adamic (NK);    25Jan62; R289661.

  A talk with Phil LaFollette.    (In The Nation, Feb. 27, 1935)    © 20Feb35; B253468. Stana    Adamic (NK); 4Apr62; R293189.

  Thirty million new Americans. (In    Harper's magazine, Nov. 1934)    © 18Oct34; B241275. Stana Adamic    (NK); 25Jan62; R289662.

<pb id='002.png' /> ADAMIC, STANA.

  For works by Stana Adamic SEE    Adamic, Louis.


  Doomed demons. Illustrated by    J. Clemens Gretter. © 28May35;    A84008. Eustace L. Adams (A);    31May62; R295984.


  Story of nations. SEE Rogers,    Lester B.

  Teacher's manual for Story of nations.    SEE Rogers, Lester B.

ADAMS, HARRIET S.  SEE Appleton, Victor, pseud.

ADAMS, HARRIET S.  SEE Dixon, Franklin W., pseud.

ADAMS, HARRIET S.  SEE Ferris, James Cody, pseud....