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U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1958 July - December

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A list of books, pamphlets, serials, and contributions to periodicals for which renewal registrations were made during the period covered by this issue. Arrangement is alphabetical under the name of the author or issuing body or, in the case of serials and certain other works, by title. Information relating to both the original and the renewal registration is included in each entry. References from the names of renewal claimants, joint authors, editors, etc. and from variant forms of names are interfiled.

ABBOT, ANTHONY, pseud. SEE  Oursler, Fulton.


Forms of pleading in actions for legal or equitable relief. Completed for publication … by Carlos C. Alden. Vol.1-3. 3d ed., by Joseph Walker Magrauth. © 18Nov31; A44873. Willard Martin (PWH); 19Nov58; R225353.

Trial evidence. Vol.1-3. 4th ed. by Edmund Glueck. © 26Jun31; A40219. Willard Martin (PWH); 23Sep58; R221660.


  Bouquet Hill. Illustrated by    Josephine Reiniger. © 1Oct31;    A44758. Jane Abbott (A); 10Oct58;    R222852.

ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST. Consolidated  ed. Apr., July 1930. Cumulative  quarterly pamphlet. © 29Apr30,  A22775; 29Jul30, A26666. West Pub.  Co. & Lawyers Cooperative Pub. Co.  (PWH); 28Apr58, R213724; 21Jul58,  R218225.

ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST. Consolidated  ed. 1930 cumulative pocket parts  for v.1-40. © 14Feb31; A35804.  West Pub. Co. & Lawyers Co-operative  Pub. Co. (PWH); 6Oct58;  R222447.

ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST. Consolidated ed. Oct 1930, Apr., July 1931. Cumulative quarterly pamphlet. © 17Oct30, A30521; 15Apr31, A38413; 25Jul31, A41833. West Pub. Co. & Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co. (PWH); 6Oct58; R222454, 222448-222449.


  A history of Europe. SEE Schevill,    Ferdinand.

ABINGDON, ALEXANDER, pseud., comp.

Bonners; being a collection of schoolboy wisdom or knowledge as it is sometimes written, compiled from classrooms and examination papers. Illustrated by Dr. Seuss. © 7Feb31; A34362. Viking Press, Inc. (PWH); 19Nov58; R225015.


Le roi des montagnes; notes, exercises and vocabulary by Elliott M. Grant and Louise Bourgoin. Illustrated by Kurt Wiese. (Heath's modern language series) © on pref., introd., notes, exercises & vocabulary; 15Oct30; A30290. Elliott M. Grant (A); 1Oct58; R222111.


  Handbook of collection practice, by    Robert D. Abrahams and Milford J.    Meyer. © 6Aug31; A40680. Soney    & Sage Co. (PWH); 6Oct58; R222438.

<pb id='206.png' /> ACHELIS, ELISABETH.

  The world calendar. © on foreword    & new matter; 5Mar31; AA65733.    Elisabeth Achelis (A); 29Oct58;    R223564.


  Too many breadlines. (In The Commonweal,    Oct. 28, 1931)    © 24Oct31; B131908. Stella    Adamic (W); 26Nov58; R225470.

  Tragic towns of New England. (In    Harper's magazine, May 1931)    © 18Apr31; B111424. Stella Adamic    (W); 26Nov58; R225461....