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U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1950 July - December

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An alphabetical list under title of all works (with the exception of musical compositions) in which the renewal copyright was registered during the period covered by this catalog. Included in the list are cross-references from all essential names associated with the work and from variant forms of these names.

ABC BOOK. Designed and cut on wood by  C. B. Falls. © 19Oct23, A765217.  R68787, 23Oct50, C. B. Falls. (A)

ABBOTT, Elenore Plaisted. SEE

  The shadowy third and other stories.    R68784.

THE ABLE MCLAUGHLINS, by Margaret  Wilson. © 21Sep23, A760118. R68964,  30Oct50, Margaret Wilson Turner (A)

ABOVE THE CLOUDS WITH THE PONY EXPRESS  POUCH, by Harry C. Peterson. (In  Oakland tribune) © Lillian Claire  Peterson (W)

  July 22, 1923 issue. © 22Jul23,    A712511. R68080, 6Oct50.

THE ABSENCE OF MR. GLASS, by Gilbert K.  Chesterton. (In McClure's magazine)  © Dorothy Edith Collins (E)

  Nov. 1912 issue. © 25Oct12, B259469.    R71656, 13Dec50.

ACCOLADE, by Amy Lowell. (In Independent)  © Ada D. Russell (E)

  Jan. 20, 1923 issue. © 18Jan23,    B575411. R67909, 3Oct50.

ACID TEST, by Lloyd Osbourne. (In  Everybody's magazine) © Samuel  Osbourne (C)

  June 1912 issue. © 23May12, B255225.    R71995, 22Dec50.

ACOUSTICS OF BUILDINGS; including acoustics of auditoriums and sound-proofing of rooms, by F. R. Watson. © 28Jun23, A711026. R71101, 30Nov50, Floyd R. Watson (A)

ADAMS, Joseph Quincy. SEE

  A life of William Shakespeare.    R71799.


Organic syntheses. R71865.

ADAMS, St. Clair. SEE

The book of baby verse. R66527.

ADCOCK, Arthur St. John. SEE

  Gods of modern Grub Street: impressions    of contemporary authors.    R69625.

THE ADDING MACHINE, a play in seven  scenes by Elmer L. Rice and Philip  Moeller, with a foreward by Philip  Moeller. The Theatre Guild version  with illus. © 6Jul23, D65121.  R64199, 10Jul50, Elmer Rice (A)

ADVENTURE.  © Popular publications, inc. (PCW)

  v. 38, nos. 2-6, Dec. 20, 1922-Jan.    30, 1923. © 6Nov22, B551196;    16Nov22, B551884; 1Dec22, B553924;    *Dec22, B553497; 18Dec22, B567525.    R69095-69099, 1Nov50.

<pb id='182.png' />  v. 39, nos. 1-6, Feb. 10-Mar. 30,    1923. © 2Jan23, B567184; 5Jan23,    B567526; 22Jan23; B569202; 1Feb23,    B569526; 5Feb23, B569646; 19Feb23,    B571231. R69100-69105, 1Nov50.

  v. 40, nos. 1-6, Apr. 10-May 30,    1923. © 28Feb23, B571407; 12Mar23,    B572222; 22Mar23, B573170; 5Apr23,    B574184; 9Apr23, B574349; 19Apr23,    B575086. R69106-69111, 1Nov50.

  v. 41, nos. 1-6, June 10-July 30,    1923. © 30Apr23, B575880; 10May23,    B576740; 16May23, B577170; 28May23,    B577916; 5Jun23, B578417; 20Jun23,    B579486. R69112-69117, 1Nov50.

  v. 42, no.3. 1-6, Aug. 10-Sept. 30,    1923. © 30Jun23, B580262; 9Jul23,    B580837; 19Jul23, B581737; 2Aug23,    B582633; 8Aug23, B583088; 23Aug23,    B583912....