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U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1950 January - June

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An alphabetical list under title of all works (with the exception of musical compositions) in which the renewal copyright was registered during the period covered by this catalog. Included in the list are cross-references from all essential names associated with the work and from variant forms of these names.

A. E. UHE, by Frederick H. Martens. (Little biographies: series 1, Musicians) © 30Dec22, A695089. R59809, 17Mar50, Breitkopf Publications, inc., successor to Breitkopf & Haertel, inc. (PWH)

A la recherche du temps perdu. SEE

Le côté de Guermantes. R61350.

Du côté de chez Swann. R61348.

ABBOT, Austin. SEE

  A brief for the trial of civil issues    before a jury. R61781.

  A brief on the modes of proving the    facts. R61788.

ABBOTT, Eleanor Hellowell. SEE

Fairy prince. R57194.

ABBOTT'S DIGEST OF ALL THE NEW YORK REPORTS. Apr., July, Oct., Dec. 1922. © 31May22, B528574; 24Aug22, B548911; 2Dec22, B553698; 2Mar23, B571736. R61801, R61806, R61808, R61815, 28Apr50, The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Co. (PCW)


Mirza Fateh Khan. R60235.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, an address by G. Lynn  Sumner; Lincoln Day, Kiwanis Club of  Scranton, Pa., Feb. 15, 1922.  © 12Apr22, A673456. R58500, 7Feb50,  G. Lynn Sumner (A)

ACTUAL BUSINESS ENGLISH, by P. H. Deffendall. © 1Aug22, A681161. R60449, 5Apr50, P. H. Deffendall (A)

ADAMS, Franklin Pierce. SEE

So there. R59878.

ADAMS, St. Clair, pseud. SEE Bachelor,  Joseph.

ADAMS, Samuel Hopkins. SEE

The novel of tomorrow. R62807.

ADAMS, Sherred Willcox. SEE

Five little friends. R61278.

ADAM'S RIB, a photoplay in ten reels, by Famous Players-Lasky Corp. © 7Feb23, L18658. R58624, 17Feb50, Paramount Pictures Corp. (PWH)

ADDRESS, by Rudyard Kipling, at the annual dinner of the Royal College of Surgeons, Feb. 14, 1923. Pub. in England in the Morning post, Feb. 15, 1923, as The mystery of man's triumphs of surgery. © 27Mar23 (pub. abroad 15Feb23, AI-4905), A704583. R60233, 28Mar50, Elsie Bambridge (C)

THE ADORATION OF THE KINGS AND SHEPHERDS, a pageant of the nativity, by Mildred Emily Cook; front. and cover design by Elizabeth B. Warren. © 18Nov22, A692007. R63352, 13Jun50, Mildred Emily Cook (A)

<pb id='002.png' />AN ADVANCED COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN  CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES, by Arthur A.  Noyes and Miles S. Sherrill. Complete  ed.

  © 16May22, A674144. R59672, 20Mar50,    Clement Gould Noyes (NK)

  © 16May22, A674144. R61614, 27Apr50,    Clement Gould Noyes (NK) & Miles S.    Sherrill (A)

THE ADVENTURERS, by Ben Ames Williams.  (In Good housekeeping, Oct. 1922-Jan.  1923) © 20Sep22, B547935; 20Oct22,  B567090; 20Nov22, B567023; 20Dec22,  B567091. R62541, R62543, R62542,  R62544, 25May50, Ben Ames Williams (A)

ADVENTURES IN ANGLING, a book of salt water fishing, by Van Campen Heilner; illustrated by Frank Stick. © 25Apr22, A674198. R59362, 8Mar50, Van Campen Heilner (A)

ADVENTURES IN HUMANITY, by William L. Stidger. © 27Apr23, A704433....