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Tommy Tatters Uncle Toby's Series

by Unknown

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TOMMY TATTER. “Oh! Tommy Tatter, Tommy Tatter,Tell me now what is the matter;Tell me, Tommy, do, I pray,What makes you look so sad to-day?”“Oh! Master Peter, Peter Pink,I’ve reason to be sad, I think;Oh! don’t you see my ragged clothes,My naked legs, and naked toes,My head without a hat, to letMy hair be dry in weather wet?Oh! I am cold and hungry, too,I wish I was as rich as you!”   “Oh! Tommy Tatter, Tommy Tatter,I’d like to see you looking fatter;I’d like to see your skin much sweeter;I’d like to see your dress much neater.So come along, I’m going home,More clothes I’ve got, I’ll give you some;I’ll give you bread, I’ll give you cheese,And wash your face, too, if you please.I’ll comb your hair, and cut it too,All this I’m ready now to do;And when you’re wash’d from head to foot,Your hair in tidy fashion put,Your nails all cut and clean’d, you see,Exactly as they ought to be,And on your back a suit of clothes,And shoes and stockings for your toes,You won’t be then, though lean and small,So very ugly after all.”     So he went home with Peter Pink,And plenty had to eat and drink;And got new clothes upon his back;And got a hat without a crack;And shoes and stockings for his toes,A handkerchief, to wipe his nose.You’ve wash’d my face, and cut my hair,Quite clean I am, I do declare!“So now good-bye; straight home I go;I’m off to let my mother know!I’m off to show the boys about,The way in which I’m fitted out.”   So, Tom is off; see, there he goes!He looks quite natty in his clothes;He will be careful, I suppose,He does not fall and break his nose.The little dog, he stands aghast,To see him running there so fast;And master pig, with curly tail,He tumbles headlong o’er a rail,And there keeps up so great a noise,That all the little girls and boysCome running out, and there they seeTom Tatter dress’d so handsomely.


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