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The American Architect and Building News, Vol. 27, Jan-Mar, 1890

by Various

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Abattoirs, 128Aberbrothwick. The Abbey of, 13Aboriginal Races of America. The, 151Accidents:—Fall of a Hotel in Sydney, N.S.W., 184“ “ “ Scaffold, 104“ “ St. Louis Academy of Music, 66“ “ the Roof of the Flora Hall, Hamburg, 196Agreement between Architect and Client, 30Albany Capitol. Defective Gutters on the, 97Aluminium from Bauxite, 194Alva. Statue of the Duke of, 74America. The Aboriginal Races of, 151American Architect Travelling-Scholarship Design for a New White House. The, 158American Bricks, 77A.I.A. Convention. The, 79“ Illinois Chapter of, 182“ Philadelphia Chapter, 46“ St. Louis Chapter, 206“ Washington Chapter, 43Amsterdam. High-level Bridge for, 47Ancient Architecture, 19, 35, 51André, Architect. Death of Jules, 145“ The Career of M. Jules, 162“Angelus.” Millet’s, 12Apartment-house. The, 3Archæological:—Burial Mounds, 99, 151Cleopatra’s Tomb, 141Delphi. The Proposed Excavations at, 65Dighton Rock. The, 93Hissarlik Controversy. The, 144History of Habitation. The, 149, 168Locrian Town. The Site of a, 16Maya. Temples of Ancient, 204Mesopotamia. Explorations in, 160Obelisk. Protecting the New York, 178, 207Persian Court Art, 16Rome. Discovery of an Ancient Viaduct in, 80St. Emilion. The Monolithic Church of, 16Scandinavia. Discoveries in, 63Uxmal, 204Vikings. The Art of the, 37, 53Yucatan. Ancient Temples in, 204“ Exploring Expedition. A New, 112“ Ruins and Works of Art in, 58Arches. Concrete, 1Architect:—New York State. The, 206Architects:—Annoyances of. The, 194Chimney-flues and, 146Dismissal of. The Right of, 158Examinations and Diplomas, 162in Canada. The Registration of, 183“ Spanish America, 18Incomes of. The, 1, 47, 127Libel-suit Between. A, 206New South Wales Institute of. Quarrel in the, 183of Mons Cathedral. The, 114Office. A Chicago, 50Ontario Association of, 41Philadelphia Master-Builders and the, 161Reputation of. The Influence of Architectural Journals on the, 17Responsibility of. The, 2, 130Stray Thoughts for Young, 90Suit against a Railroad. An, 194Architectural:—Club. Boston, 95Drawings at the League Exhibition, 40, 57, 143“ Philadelphia Exhibitions of, 107, 146Education at Munich, 181“ in France, 162Exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy, 107Journals on the Reputation of Architects. The Influence of, 17League Exhibition. The, 40, 57, 143Prints. Arranging, 207Shades and Shadows, 56Styles. Changes of, 108Water-color Drawings, 107Architecture:—Ancient, 19, 35, 51at Evanston, Ill., 118Civil and Domestic, 19, 35, 51, 67, 83Decoration and, 6Funerary, 99, 115, 131, 147, 163History of. The, 150in Baltimore, 187“ Brooklyn, 5of the Brooklyn Institute. Department of, 206Military, 179, 195Sculpture and, 7Spanish. Sir Frederick Leighton on a Device of, 146Study of. The, 6Army Engineer and our Public Buildings. The, 143Arranging Architectural Prints, 207Art Museum. The Cost of a Small, 23“ of the Vikings. The, 37, 53“ The Tariff on Works of, 18Artificial-ice Skating-rink. An, 145Artists. Quarrel among French, 80Asphalt Paving, 82Assyrian Architecture, 20“ Fortifications, 179“ Tombs, 116, 144Australia. Engineering Triumphs in, 106“ Letters from, 106, 183“ Roman Catholic Buildings in, 107Automatic Sprinklers in Mills, 177

Baltimore:—Architecture in, 187Building-permits in, 97Letters from, 187Pennsylvania Steel Company’s Works near. The, 188Railway. The proposed “Belt Line,” 188Balveny Castle, Scotland, 61Barye Exhibition. The, 10Barye’s English Admirer, 15Bauxite. Aluminium from, 194Belgian Prizes and Honors, 34Belle Isle Dam. The Straits of, 48Belt Line Railway for Baltimore. A, 188Berlin Industrial Museum Exhibition, 174“ Technical College. The, 140Beryt or Fluid Marble, 160Bids. The Right of Revising, 194“Black-lining”? What is, 65Books on School-houses, 207Borrowing Suburban Fire-Engines, 18, 146Boston:—Architectural Club, 95Building Laws. The, 109Fires. Water Used in, 79Letter from, 190Lock-out in the Freestone-Cutting Trade, 161, 177Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Annual Report of, 177Museum of Fine Arts. The, 175, 190Society of Architects, 14Walking-delegate’s Power. A, 193Botticher vs. Dr. Schliemann. Dr., 144Bourse du Commerce, Paris. The New, 185Brentano, Architect. Death of Signor, 130Brick. Cheap Unbaked Colored, 176Bricks. American, 77Bridge at London. The Tower, 192“ for Amsterdam. High-level, 47“ Testing the Forth, 160“ The Hawkesbury Railway, 106Bridges in China. Ancient, 96British Museum. Electric-Light at the, 104Brooklyn. Architecture in, 5“ Institute. Department of Architecture of the, 206Bronze Gates for Cologne Cathedral, 135Brunswick Monument at Geneva. The, 18Buenos Ayres, 18Builders. Convention of National Association of Master, 34, 81Building:—Committee. A Competitor’s Suit against a, 104Contracts. German, 82Laws. The Boston, 109Permits in Baltimore, 97Safe, 121, 135, 197Stones. Decay of, 98Swedish Penalties for Bad, 72Syndicate. Proposed, 81Trades. Troubles in the, 193Bull-fights in Paris, 130Bull-ring for Paris. Proposed, 50Bureau of Ethnology’s Fifth Annual Report. The, 151Burial-mounds, 99, 151Building and the Underwriters. Safe, 49, 97Burmese Temples. Jewels in, 58Burnham & Root’s Office, 50Byzantine Architecture, 52

Canada. Letters from, 41, 104, 182“ Proposed Public Buildings in, 104“ The History of Education in, 183“ The Registration of Architects in, 183Cast-iron and its Treatment for Artistic Purposes, 201“ Pavements, 192Castle Campbell, Scotland, 127“ of St. Angelo, Rome. The, 208“ Vincigliata, Italy. The, 62Casts at the Boston Art Museum, 190Catacombs, 147Cathedral. Bronze Gates for Cologne, 135“ Drawings at the League Exhibition, 30, 62“ of Mons. The, 114“ St. Machar. The, 27“ Strasbourg, 153“ The Completion of Milan, 130“ Towers, 92, 102Cathedrals. Clearing away Buildings around, 162Cats. Egyptian Mummy, 208Cawdor Castle, Scotland, 110Celtic Tumuli, 99Cement. Palming off Poor, 113Cemented Surfaces. Painting on, 146Cemeteries. Mediæval, 164Cemetery Vaults, 47Centennial Hall, Sydney, N.S.W., 184Charges. A Question of, 207Chicago:—Letters from, 118, 182Suburban Building in....