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Old Christmas From the Sketch Book of Washington Irving

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Before the remembrance of the good old times, so fast passing, should have entirely passed away, the present artist, R. Caldecott, and engraver, James D. Cooper, planned to illustrate Washington Irving's "Old Christmas" in this manner. Their primary idea was to carry out the principle of the Sketch Book, by incorporating the designs with the text. Throughout they have worked together and con amore. With what success the public must decide.

                November 1875.

    page Christmas The Stage Coach Christmas Eve Christmas Day The Christmas Dinner               

  DESIGNED BY RANDOLPH CALDECOTT,ANDARRANGED AND ENGRAVED BY J. D. COOPER. The Old Mansion by Moonlight—   page Ancient Fireplace Heading to Preface Heading to Contents Tailpiece to Contents Heading to List of Illustrations Tailpiece to List of Illustrations "The Poor from the Gates were not chidden" Heading to Christmas The Mouldering Tower Christmas Anthem in Cathedral The Wanderer's Return "Nature lies despoiled of every Charm" "The Honest Face of Hospitality" "The Shy Glance of Love" Old Hall of Castle The Great Oaken Gallery The Waits "And sit down Darkling and Repining" The Stage Coach The Three Schoolboys The Old English Stage Coachman "He throws down the Reins with something of an Air" The Stable Imitators The Public House The Housemaid The Smithy "Now or never must Music be in Tune" The Country Maid The Old Servant and Bantam A Neat Country Seat Inn Kitchen The Recognition. Tailpiece The Post-chaise The Lodge Gate The Old Primitive Dame "The Little Dogs and All" Mistletoe The Squire's Reception The Family Party Toys The Yule Log The Squire in his Hereditary Chair The Family Plate Master Simon Young Girl Her Mother The Old Harper Master Simon Dancing The Oxonian and his Maiden Aunt The Young Officer with his Guitar The Fair Julia Asleep Christmas Day The Children's Carol Robin on the Mountain Ash Master Simon as Clerk Breakfast Viewing the Dogs Master Simon going to Church The Village Church The Parson Rebuking the Sexton Effigy of a Warrior Master Simon at Church The Village Choir The Village Tailor An Old Chorister The Sermon Churchyard Greetings Frosty Thraldom of Winter Merry Old English Games The Poor at Home Village Antics Tasting the Squire's Ale The Wit of the Village Coquettish Housemaid Antique Sideboard The Cook with the Rolling-Pin The Warrior's Arms "Flagons, Cans, Cups, Beakers, Goblets, Basins, and Ewers"          The Christmas Dinner A High Roman Nose The Parson said Grace The Boar's Head The Fat-headed Old Gentleman Peacock Pie The Wassail Bowl The Squire's Toast The Long-winded Joker Long Stories The Parson and the Pretty Milkmaid Master Simon grows Maudlin The Blue-Eyed Romp The Parson's Tale The Sexton's Rebuff The Crusader's Night Ride Ancient Christmas and Dame Mince-Pie Robin Hood and Maid Marian The Minuet Roast Beef, Plum Pudding, and Misrule The Christmas Dance in Costume "Chuckling and Rubbing his Hands" "Echoing back the Joviality of long-departed Years" Retrospect  

  A man might then behold At Christmas, in each hall Good fires to curb the cold, And meat for great and small....