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Milk for You and Me

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Boys and Girls

This is your book.You may read it.It tells a story.Read about the cows.They give milk.It is milk for you and me.

Winifred Randellformerly withThe Laboratory School, The University of Chicago

The Pasture

The cows are eating.They like green grass.The sun is shining.Cows need sunshine.They give milk every day.It is milk for you and me.

  Milking Time

This is a clean barn.The cows are clean, too.The man has clean hands.The milking machine is clean.The milk will be clean.It is milk for you and me.

  The Truck

This is the truck.It comes from the farm.It goes to the dairy.It carries the milk.The milk is cold and clean.It is milk for you and me.

  The Bottles

Oh, see the clean bottles!Milk is put in them.It is put in paper cartons, too.It is pasteurized milk.Now the milk is ready.It is ready for you and me.

  The Milkman

Here comes our friend.He comes in the morning.He brings us butter.He brings us cream.He brings us cheese.He has milk for you and me.


We are at the table.How hungry we are!Our food is very good.Mother helps us.She pours the cold milk.It is milk for you and me.