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Jewish History : an essay in the philosophy of history

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THE RANGE OF JEWISH HISTORY   Historical and Unhistorical Peoples   Three Groups of Nations   The "Most Historical" People   Extent of Jewish History


THE CONTENT OF JEWISH HISTORY   Two Periods of Jewish History   The Period of Independence   The Election of the Jewish People   Priests and Prophets   The Babylonian Exile and the Scribes   The Dispersion   Jewish History and Universal History   Jewish History Characterized


THE SIGNIFICANCE OF JEWISH HISTORY   The National Aspect of Jewish History   The Historical Consciousness   The National Idea and National Feeling   The Universal Aspect of Jewish History   An Historical Experiment   A Moral Discipline   Humanitarian Significance of Jewish History   Schleiden and George Eliot


THE HISTORICAL SYNTHESIS   Three Primary Periods   Four Composite Periods


THE PRIMARY OR BIBLICAL PERIOD   Cosmic Origin of the Jewish Religion   Tribal Organization   Egyptian Influence and Experiences   Moses   Mosaism a Religious and Moral as well as a Social and Political       System   National Deities   The Prophets and the two Kingdoms   Judaism a Universal Religion


THE SECONDARY OR SPIRITUAL-POLITICAL PERIOD   Growth of National Feeling   Ezra and Nehemiah   The Scribes   Hellenism   The Maccabees   Sadducees, Pharisees, and Essenes   Alexandrian Jews   Christianity


THE TERTIARY TALMUDIC OR NATIONAL-RELIGIOUSPERIOD   The Isolation of Jewry and Judaism   The Mishna   The Talmud   Intellectual Activity in Palestine and Babylonia   The Agada and the Midrash   Unification of Judaism


THE GAONIC PERIOD, OR THE HEGEMONY OF THE ORIENTAL JEWS (500-980)   The Academies   Islam   Karaism   Beginning of Persecutions in Europe   Arabic Civilization in Europe


THE RABBINIC-PHILOSOPHICAL PERIOD, OR THE HEGEMONY OF THE SPANISHJEWS (980-1492)   The Spanish Jews   The Arabic-Jewish Renaissance   The Crusades and the Jews   Degradation of the Jews in Christian Europe   The Provence   The Lateran Council   The Kabbala   Expulsion from Spain


THE RABBINIC-MYSTICAL PERIOD, OR THE HEGEMONY OF THE GERMAN-POLISHJEWS (1492-1789)   The Humanists and the Reformation   Palestine an Asylum for Jews   Messianic Belief and Hopes   Holland a Jewish Centre   Poland and the Jews   The Rabbinical Authorities of Poland   Isolation of the Polish Jews   Mysticism and the Practical Kabbala   Chassidism   Persecutions and Morbid Piety


THE MODERN PERIOD OF ENLIGHTENMENT (THE NINETEENTH CENTURY)   The French Revolution   The Jewish Middle Ages   Spiritual and Civil Emancipation   The Successors of Mendelssohn   Zunz and the Science of Judaism   The Modern Movements outside of Germany   The Jew in Russia   His Regeneration   Anti-Semitism and Judophobia


THE TEACHINGS OF JEWISH HISTORY   Jewry a Spiritual Community   Jewry Indestructible   The Creative Principle of Jewry   The Task of the Future   The Jew and the Nations   The Ultimate Ideal


What is Jewish History?...