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Hymns, Songs, and Fables, for Young People

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"SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME." "Let little children come to me,"—This is what the Saviour said;Little children, come and seeWhere these gracious words are read. Often on these pages look,—Of the love of God they tell;'Tis indeed a holy book,—Learn to read and love it well. Thus you hear the Saviour speak,—"Come ye all and learn of me";He was gentle, lowly, meek,—So should all his followers be. When our Saviour from above,From his Father did descend,He took them in his arms of love,And children knew him for their friend. All little children Jesus blessed,—Blessed in innocence they are;Little children he caressed;Praise him in your infant prayer.
HYMN. Praise to God! O let us raiseFrom our hearts a song of praise!Of that goodness let us singWhence our lives and blessings spring. Praise to him who made the light,Praise to him who gave us sight,Praise to him who formed the ear;Will he not his children hear? Praise him for our happy hours,Praise him for our varied powers,For these thoughts that rise above,For these hearts he made for love, For the voice he placed within,Bearing witness when we sin;Praise to him whose tender careKeeps this watchful guardian there. Praise his mercy, that did sendJesus for our guide and friend;Praise him, every heart and voice,Him who makes all worlds rejoice.
HYMN FOR A LITTLE BOY. "What, mother, makes it seem to me,When I am all alone,As if some one could hear and see,And all my thoughts were known? "Sometimes it makes me very glad,And dance and sing with joy;Sometimes it makes me very sad,And frights your little boy. "O, tell me, mother, tell me why;For I have never knownWhy 'tis I laugh, or why I cry,When I am all alone." "My child, you never are alone;There is a watchful eyeTo which your very thoughts are known;'Tis God is ever nigh. "He made your little heart for joy,He tunes your happy song;O, then, my little timid boy,Fear only doing wrong. "For he who makes your heart so glad,Who bids the good be gay,With the same love will make it sad,Whene'er you disobey. "He is our Father, and he hearsYour weakest, faintest prayer;He wipes away an infant's tears,And children are his care."
"THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH." Almighty Father! I am weak,But thou wilt strengthen me,If from my heart I humbly seekFor help and light from thee. When I am tempted to do wrong,Then, Father, pity me,And make my failing virtue strong;Help me to think of thee! Let Christian courage guard my youth;That courage give to meWhich ever speaks and acts the truth,And puts its trust in thee.
HYMN. Will God, who made the earth and sea,The night, and shining day,Regard a little child like me,And listen when I pray? If I am hungry, poor, and cold,Then will he hear my cry?And when I shall be sick and old,O, then will God be nigh? Yes; in his holy word we readOf his unfailing love;And when his mercy most we need,His mercy he will prove....