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General Instructions For The Guidance Of Post Office Inspectors In The Dominion Of Canada

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1.  You are required personally to superintend the performance of the routine work of your office and see that it is properly done.

2.  This routine work should be suitably and fairly apportioned amongst your clerks—each clerk (under your superintendence) being responsible for the duty assigned to him. You will, after fair warning, report to the Postmaster General any clerk who fails correctly and efficiently to perform this duty.

3.  Carefully superintend the working of the Department in all its branches within the limits of your Division. As however, it is important, that the operations of the Department should be carried on under one uniform plan throughout the Dominion, do not make any alterations in the system of doing the work without the permission first obtained of the Postmaster General.

4.  Endeavor to instil into all persons connected with the Department in your Division the importance of a harmonious working together for the good of the Service, and of each, in his own sphere, performing the duties assigned to him in an intelligent and thorough manner.

5.  All letters received on official business should be carefully and promptly attended to.

6.  All matters referred to you from the Department at Ottawa should be disposed of with the least possible delay.

7.  Provision should be made for the performance of the ordinary routine work of your office when you are absent, under the superintendence of your senior clerk.

8.  No portion of your work should be allowed to fall into arrear; If it should do so, however, from circumstances beyond your control, you will at once report the fact to the Postmaster General.

9.  See that the Time Bills and Mail Transfer Receipts are properly examined and fyled away every day. A separate pigeon hole should be provided for each set of Time Bills and Transfer Receipts, the pigeon holes being arranged and labelled in alphabetical order.

10.  When fines should, in your opinion, be imposed upon Railway Mail Clerks, Clerks in City Offices, and other officers in the employ of the Department—full particulars of each case should be communicated to the Postmaster General, and his authority for the imposition of the fine obtained.

11.  Make once in every three months a regular and thorough inspection of all the details of account and general business in each City Post Office in your Division—without any pre-arranged date or notice of the time at which such inspection will be made.

The inspection should, however, take place on the 1st of a month, so that the Accountant may be able to verify from your report the entries in the accounts of the Postmaster for the month preceding.

In making these inspections you must verify the Stamp Account of the office—personally count the stock on hand, and see that it agrees with the amount stated in the Postmasters' Stamp Account, made up to the last day of the month, to which account you should attach your signature.

Satisfy yourself that all other items of revenue, such as postage on unpaid matter, on insufficiently paid matter and on newspapers, also rent of boxes, and drawers, &c., are duly brought to account....