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At the Seaside

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Georgie and Maudie came home from school,And each had got a prize;They had worked very hard, and tried to be good,For they wanted to grow up wise.         And now behold them jumping for joy,And clapping their hands with glee,Because Mamma has promised them--They shall stay for a month by the sea.


  So Nurse was told to pack their things,And put their toys together;Whilst Mamma went out and bought new clothes,Fit for any kind of weather.         They took the train to Margate,And then a fly they hired,And drove straight to their lodgings,For they were a wee bit tired.


  Next morn they got up early,—The day was bright and fine;So they dressed and had their breakfast,And were out by half-past nine.   Ah! how they loved the crested waves,And what merry games they had,As they danced about bare-footed;They had never felt so glad.


  Star fish and jelly fish they caught,Whilst of shells they had a store;There seemed no end to the pretty thingsThey found upon the shore.                       They built huge castles up with sand,And dug around deep moats,Which they filled with pails of water,Then sailed their tiny boats.         And sea-weeds of all coloursCame floating in with the foam;They were wond’rous bright and beautiful,For they grew in the mermaid’s home.


  But the crabs they liked the least of allThe fishes in the sea;For they pinched whenever they got a chance,—So the children let them be.         One day they had a splendid treat:What it was you’d like to know;So look below at the picture,—For that, I think, will show.


  They also went to a circus,And had a sail on the sea,And very often were allowedTo ask their friends to tea.                                       And many other things they did,Which I have not time to tell;Perhaps I will another day,So now I’ll say, “Farewell.”