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A Ryght Profytable Treatyse Compendiously Drawen Out Of Many and Dyvers Wrytynges Of Holy Men

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Here begynneth a ryght profytable treatyse cõpendiously drawen out of many & dyuers wrytynges of holy men / to dyspose men to be vertuously occupyed in theyr myndes & prayers. And declared the Pater noster. Aue. & Credo. in our moder tonge with many other deuoute prayers in lyke wyse medefull to religyous people as to the laye people with many other moost holsomest Instruccyons / as here after it shall folowe.

The famous doctour Iohan gerson Chaûceler of Parys / takynge his groûde of holy scrypture. & accordynge with all other doctours sayth thus.

Vre moost mercyfull fadr lord god knowyng our freelte & redynes to all synnes. is euer redy duryng this wretched & mortall lyf / by many & dyuers ways to forgyue vs our trespace / & to graûte & gyue vs his grace / yf so be that truly we ordeyne vnto hym these treuthes folowynge sayd & done with all our herte. The fyrst / thou shalt saye. Blessyd lorde I knowleche yt I haue synned ayenst thy goodnes thus and thus Rehersynge thy synnes. And I am dyspleaseth therwith by reason of the whiche I do penaunce & wyll do. For I knowe well that I haue greued the & broken thy cõmaûdementes. In the whiche thou only ought to be worshypped. The seconde saye this treuthe. Good lorde I haue good purpose & desyre with thyn helpe to be ryght ware herafter that I fall not in to synne / & I entende to flee the occasions after ye possibilyte of my power. The thyrde is this. Mercyful lorde I haue a good wyll to make an hole confessyon of all my synnes whan place & tyme cõuenient may be had acordynge to thy cõmaûdement & all holy chirche. These thre treuthes who soeuer sayth wt his herte vnfaynyngly in what place yt euer it be / he may be sure yt he is in ye state of helth & grace & he shal haue euer lastynge lyf though he had done all the synnes of the worlde. And yf he decessed wtout ony other confession for lacke of a preest. as slepyng sodayn deth he sholde be saue suffrynge afore harde payne of purgatory / wherfor it is a good coûsel yt euery crysten man ones or twyes a daye erly or late / or els at lest on holy dayes examyne his conscyence & remêbre yf he may wt al his herte vnfaynyngly say these thre treuthes / & yf he do he may be sure yt he is in ye state of grace. And yf he may not. but is in wyll to synne ayen & to haue his delectacion wt dede / & wyll not flee the occasyons of mortall synnes & so drowned wyl not aryse. as vsurers. fals marchaûts or yt desyren vengeaûce wt suche other suche may be certayne yt the pope may not assoyle them Not for thy holsom coûsell is yt suche praye & gyue almesse & do other good dedes after theyr power yt god the father may lyghten theyr hertes. & the sooner torne them to goodnes. Amen.

This Pater noster / taught our lorde his dyscyples / and all people by his gospell.

Ader our that art in heuens / halowed be thy name. Thy kyngdom come to ye. Thy wyll be do as in heuen so in erthe. Our eche dayly brede gyue vs to daye. And forgyue vs our dettes ryght as we forgyue to our dettours. And lede vs not in to temptacyon. But delyuer vs from euyll Amen / that is to saye. So be it.

This is the Aue maria / that Gabryell sayd salutynge our blessyd lady / & it is the gospell.

Eyll Mary full of grace / the lorde is with the / blessyd be thou amonge wymen / & blessyd be the fruyte of thy wombe Ihesus. Amen.

These ben the artycles of our Crede / and oure byleue / that who is baptysed and trusteth in hem shall be saued.