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A Manual of the Operations of Surgery For the Use of Senior Students, House Surgeons, and Junior Practitioners

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PLATE I. 1. Ligature of Aorta—Sir A. Cooper's incision. 2. Ligature of Aorta—South and Murray's incision. 3. Ligature of Common Iliac. 4. Ligature of External Iliac—Sir A. Cooper's. 5. Ligature of Femoral in Scarpa's triangle. 6. Ligature of Femoral below Sartorius. 7. Ligature of Innominate. 8. Ligature of third part of Left Subclavian. 9. Ligature of Axillary in its first part. 10. Ligature of Axillary in its third part. 11. Ligature of Brachial. 12. Amputation of Arm by double flaps. 13. Amputation at Shoulder-joint (1st method), showing portion of skin left uncut till the conclusion of the disarticulation. 14. Amputation at Ankle-joint by internal flap—Mackenzie's. 15-16. Amputation of Leg just above the Ankle-joint. 17-18. Amputation below Knee—modified circular. 19. Amputation through Condyles of Femur—Syme, and Pl. III. 5. 20. Amputation at lower third of Thigh—Syme, and Pl. III. 6. A. Excision of Head of Humerus. B. Excision of Knee-joint; semilunar incision.
  PLATE II. 1. Amputation at lower third of Fore-arm—Teale's. 2-2. Amputation at Shoulder-joint by large postero-external flap—2d method. 3-3. Amputation at Shoulder-joint by triangular flap from deltoid—3d method. 4-5. Amputation through Tarsus—Chopart's. 6-7. Amputation at Knee-joint. 8. Amputation by Single Flap—Carden's, and Pl. IV. 16. 9-10. Amputation of Thigh—Teale's. A. Excision of Hip-joint. B-B. Excision of Ankle-joint—Hancock's incisions.
  PLATE III. 1. Ligature of Popliteal. 2. Amputation at Elbow-joint—posterior flap. 3. Amputation at Shoulder-joint—posterior incision of first method, and Pl. I. 13. 4. Amputation at Ankle-joint—Mackenzie's, and Pl. I. 14. 5. Amputation through Condyles of Femur—Syme, and Pl. I. 19. 6. Amputation at lower third of Thigh—Syme, and Pl. I. 20. 7. Amputation at Knee—posterior incision. 8. Amputation of Thigh—Spence's, and at Pl. IV. 18. 9. Amputation at Hip-joint, and Pl. IV. 20. A. Excision of Shoulder-joint—deltoid flap. B. Excision of Shoulder-joint by posterior incision. C. Excision of Elbow-joint—H-shaped incision. D. Excision of Elbow-joint—linear incision. E. Excision of Hip-joint—Gross's. F. Excision of Os Calcis. G. Excision of Scapula.
  PLATE IV. 1. Ligature of Carotid. 2. Ligature of Subclavian (3d stage)—Skey's incision. 3. Amputation at Wrist-joint—dorsal incision. 4. Amputation at Wrist-joint—palmar incision. 5. Amputation at Fore-arm—dorsal incision. 6. Amputation at Fore-arm—palmar incision. 7. Amputation at Elbow-joint—Anterior flap, and Pl. III. 3. 8. Amputation at Arm—Teale's method. 9. Amputation at Shoulder-joint—1st method, and Pl. III. 3. 10-11. Amputation of Metatarsus—Hey's. 12-13. Amputation at Ankle—Syme's. 14-15. Amputation of Leg—posterior flap—Lee's. 16. Amputation at Knee-joint—Carden's, and Pl. II. 8. 17. Amputation of Thigh—B. Bell's. 18. Amputation of Thigh—Spence's, and Pl. III. 8. 19. Amputation of Thigh in middle third....