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A Concise Dictionary of Middle English From A.D. 1150 to 1580

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A-, prefix (1), adding intensity to the notion of the verb.—AS. á for ar-, OHG. ar-, Goth. us-. For the quantity of the á see Sievers, 121. Cf. .

A-, prefix (2), standing for A, prep., and for Icel. á; see .

A-, prefix (3), standing for Of, prep.; see .

A-, prefix (4), standing for AS. and-, against, in return, toward.—AS. and-, ond-, on- (proclitic). Cf.

A-, prefix (5), standing for At, prep., and Icel. at, used with the infin. See .

A-, prefix (6), standing for AS. ge-; see .

A-, prefix (7), standing for OF. a- and Lat. ad-.

A-, prefix (8), standing for OF. a- and Lat. ab-.

A-, prefix (9), standing for AF. a, OF. e-, es- from Lat. ex-, e-.

A-, prefix (10), standing for AF. an-, OF. en- from Lat. in-. See .

A-, prefix (11), standing for Gr. α- privative.

A, interj. O! Ah! expressing surprise, pain, S, MD.

A, prep. on, in, PP, S, S2, C2; see .

A, prep. of, S2, S3, PP; see .

A, adv. ever, S; aa, S; a buten, ever without, S; see .

A-bac, adv. backwards, S, W2; abec, S; abak, C2, W; obak, S2.—AS. on-bæc. (.)

Abasshen, v. to abash, S3; abasshed, pp. abashed, ashamed, alarmed, C3, PP; abashed, S2; abasshid, S3; abasched, PP; abaisshed, PP; abaischid, W; abaischt, S2; abaissed, PP; abaist, S3; abayste, S2, C2.—OF. esbahiss- stem of pr. p. of esbahir, to astonish; Lat. ex + *badire for badare, to open the mouth. (.)

Abate, v. to beat down, bring down, calm down, P, NED.—AF. abatre (pr. p. abatant); Late Lat. *adbatere. (.)

Abaue, v. to put to confusion, to be confounded, NED, HD, JD; abawed, pp. HD; abaued, HD.—OF. *abavir: esbahir (with v in place of lost h, see Brachet, s.v. glaive). (). See .

Abaye, sb. barking; phr. at þe abaie, at abaye, at bay, S2.—OF. abai, barking, from abaier; cp. F. aboi in phr.: être aux abois.

Abbay, sb. abbey, C2; abbeis, pl., S2.—AF. abbeie (abeie); Church Lat. abbādia, abbātia, from abbātem. See .

Abbesse, sb. abbess, PP.—OF. abbesse; Church Lat. abbatissa.

Abbod, sb. abbot, MD, S2; abbot, S, PP; abbodes, pl. S2.—Church Lat. abbātem (pronounced abbādem), nom. abbas; Gr. á¼€ββГЎВЅВ±ς; Syriac, abba, father.

Abbodesse, sb. abbess, PP.

Abbot-rice, sb. abbacy, S.—AS. abbod-rГѓ­ce, the rule of an abbot.

A-B-C, the alphabet, P; abcy, Cath.; abce, Cath. (n.), PP; abcee, Cotg.; abece, Cath. (n.); apece, Prompt.—Cp. OF. abece, the crosse rowe (Cotg.).

Abeah, Abeh; see .

Abeggen, Abeien; see .

A-bernen, v. to burn; abernð, pr. s. S.—AS. á-beornan. (.)

Abhominacioun, sb. abomination, NED, C2.

Abhomynable, adj. abominable, S3, C3.—AF. abhominable; Lat. abominabilem.

A-biden, v. to abide, remain, await, endure, S, S2, W2; habide, S2; abyde, C2; abid, imp., S, S2; abid, pr. s., S; abit, S, S2, C3; abod, pt. s., S; abood, W2; abide, pt. pl., S2; abididen, W2; abide, pp., G.—AS. á-bГѓ­dan. (.)

A-biding, sb. expectation, W2.

Abiggen; see .

Abil, adj. able, CM; able, C; hable, S3, MD.—OF. able, hable (mod....