The Girl Wanted

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What can be expressed in words can be expressed in life.—Thoreau.Yes, my good girl, I am very glad that we are to have the opportunity to enjoy a friendly chat through the medium of the printed page, with its many tongues of type.

It is faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth looking at.—Oliver Wendell Holmes. Just here I have a favor to ask of you, and that is that you will consent to let us talk chiefly about yourself and the manner in which you are going to live all the golden to-morrows that are awaiting you.

The habit of viewing things cheerfully, and of thinking about life hopefully, may be made to grow up in us like any other habit.—Smiles. In a discussion of the topics which are to follow, it will be well for you to understand that there has never been a period in the world’s history when a girl was of more importance than she is just now. Indeed, many close observers and clear thinkers are of the opinion that there never has been a time when a girl was of A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any state of the market.—Charles Lamb. quite so much importance as she is to-day.

Some of our most able writers tell us that we are just on the threshold of "the women’s century," and that the great advance the world is to witness in the forthcoming years is to be largely inspired by, and redound to the glory of, the women of the earth.

The old days never come again, because they would be getting in the way of the new, better days whose turn it is.—George MacDonald. Come what will, the future is sufficiently alluring to cause you to cherish it most fondly and to determine that you will make the years that are before you as bright and beautiful and as "worth while" as it is possible for you to do.

It is a glorious privilege to dwell in the very forefront of time, in the grandest epoch of the world’s history and to feel that we are permitted to be observers of, and if it may so be, active participants in, the fascinating events that are occurring all about us.

The man who has learned to take things as they come, and to let go as they depart, has mastered one of the arts of cheerful and contented living.—Anonymous. Yet with all the grand achievements that are being encompassed in every field of human endeavor, the world to-day, needs most, that which the world has ever most needed—words helpful and true, hearts kind and tender, hands willing and ready to lift the less fortunate over the rough places in the paths of life, goodness and grace, gentle women and gentlemen.

Cheerfulness is the very flower of health.—Schopenhauer. And so here we find ourselves, just at this particular spot and at this very moment, with all of the days, months, years—yes, the whole of eternity—still to be lived!

There are people who do not know how to waste their time alone, and hence become the scourge of busy people.—De Bonald. At first thought it seems like a great problem, does this having to decide how we are going to live out all the great future that is before us....