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An Ox has two horns, four legs, and four feet. The ox draws the plough and the cart. He is large and strong, and he works hard for man. He eats grass, and hay, and corn; and drinks water.

A Cow is not so large as an ox. She does not work, but she gives milk. Butter and cheese are made of milk. A Calf is a young cow or ox.


A Horse can walk, or trot or run, with a man on his back. He sometimes helps to plough the field.

A Cat is good to catch mice and rats. We call a cat, puss. Puss has sharp claws, and sharp teeth. If you pull her hair or tail, she will scratch or bite you. A cat and a dog can see in the dark. Puss hunts for rats and mice in the night.


The Dog keeps watch in the night, and barks at thieves. A good dog will drive the hogs, and sheep, and geese out of the field, when they eat the corn. If you are kind to him, he will not bite you.

Sheep do not work, but they give us good wool to make our clothes. They love grass, and hay, and corn. You may let them eat meal in your hand: they will not bite you. A sheep has little lambs that skip and play.

Transcriber's Note:

The “L” instead of “K” in the alphabet at the beginning of this text has been kept as it appears in the original book....