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There does not seem to be any prospect of a settlement of the Turkish troubles. The various European powers have called the Sultan to account for the massacres in Armenia, and laid out a system of reforms, which they think should be made. But this is as far as they have got. "You may lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink." The various powers of Europe are learning that this is a very true saying. They have decided upon the... more...

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I take pleasure in announcing that I have purchased the entire subscription list and good will of Current Events, and offer you in its stead The Great Round World, a weekly newspaper for boys and girls. You will receive one number of The Great Round World for each number of Current Events due you on your subscription. I make the special offer, to send you The Great Round World every week until December 31st, 1897, if you will remit the sum of... more...

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MODEL COTTAGE. A Cottage in the Style of Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh. The elevation is shown in fig. 1, the ground-plan in fig. 2. Accommodation.—The plan shows a porch, a; a lobby, b; living room, c; kitchen, d; back-kitchen, e; pantry, f; dairy, g; bed-closet, h; store-closet, i; fuel, k; cow-house, l; pig-stye, m; yard, n; dust-hole, q. The Scotch are great admirers of this style, as belonging to one of their favorite public... more...