U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1976 January - June

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1976 January - June

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[* non-renewal entries *]

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R592943. A History of medicine. By Arturo Castiglioni, editor: E. B. Krumbhaar. © on additions & revisions; 1Nov47; A18657. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (PWH); 12Dec74; R592943. (See also A History of medicine; 14May75; R608387)

R595407. A Slave in the family. By Samuel H. Adams. (In The New Yorker, Dec. 13, 1947) © 11Dec47; B110434. Samuel H. Adams (A); 10Jan75; R595407. (See also A Slave in the family; 6Mar75; R599671)

R596663.  Mardi Gras. By Robert Tallant. (InHearst's international cosmopolitan, Jan.1948) © 31Dec47; B116322. MinnieHagruder Gibbs (NK); 6Jan75; R596663.(See also Mardi Gras; 17Mar75; R600730)

R599670. My grandfather and the plague. By Samuel H. Adams. (In The New Yorker, Oct. 18, 1947) © 16Oct47; B102752. Hester H. Adams & Katherine A. Adell (C); 6Mar75; R599670. (See also My grandfather and the plague; 4Nov74; R590266)

R599671.  A Slave in the family. By Samuel H.Adams. (In The New Yorker, Dec. 13, 1947)© 11Dec47; B110434. Hester H. Adams &Katherine A. Adell (C); 6Mar75; R599671.(See also A Slave in the family; 10Jan75;R595407)

<pb id='003.png' /> R600317. Management functions under collective bargaining. By Ludwig Teller. © 22May47; A13037. Baker, Voorhis and Company, inc. (PWH); 14Mar75; R600317. (See also Management functions under collective bargaining; 16Apr75; R603114)

R614837. The Secret of inward peace. By A. Herbert Gray. Prev. pub. abroad 9Sep47, AI-1446. © 14Sep48; A25324. Margaret Lydamore (E); 29Sep75; R614837. (Both reg. entered under British Proclamation of 10Mar44)

R616311.  My friend Joseph. By Neil Paterson.(In Colliers, May 8, 1948) © 30Apr48;B132776. Neil Paterson (A); 17Oct75;R616311.

R616914. Study arithmetics, book 8; teacher guidebook. Mathematics and life, book 2; teacher's guidebook. By F. B. Knight, J, W. Studebaker & Gladys Tate. NM: additions. © 14Oct48; AA103397. Scott, Foresman and Company (PWH); 31Oct76; R616914.

R617100.  Poem: "And (all during the") By E. E.Cummings. (In The Hudson review, spring1948) © 29Mar48; B129749. Nancy T.Andrews (C); 7Nov75; R617100.

R617101.  Six poems. By E. E. Cummings. (In TheQuarterly review of literature, autumn1948) © 7Nov48; B166246. Nancy T.Andrews (C); 7Nov75; R617101.

R617128. Death is an easy way (when you hit a pigeon) By John D. MacDonald. (In Shadow mystery, Dec.-Jan. 1948) © 14Nov47; B110394. John D. MacDonald (A); 10Nov75; R617128.

R617167.  The Bleeding scissors. (In Shadowmystery, Apr.-May 1948) © 12Mar48;A129329. Bruno Fischer (A); 10Nov75;R617167.

R617753.  Lectures of Wendell Kretschmar. ByThomas Mann, translator: Hrs. H. T.Lowe-Porter. (In The Hudson review,autumn 1948) © 6Oct48; B5-7398. AlfredA. Knopf, Inc. (PWH); 12Nov75; R617753.

R619546.  One of the chosen. By HortenseCalisher. (In Harper's magazine, Dec.1948) © 3Dec48; B171201. HortenseCalisher (A); 5Dec75; R619546.

R621226.  The Theory of American literature....