Publishing Guidelines

Please review the following publishing guidelines prior to submitting a book at These guidelines are designed to ensure a high-quality experience for our readers, set realistic expectations for authors, and adhere to copyright laws.

To have your book approved, you must adhere to all of the following guidelines:

  1. Copyright:
    • You must possess the legal rights to submit the book. Uploading materials that you do not own constitutes a Copyright Violation and is illegal.
    • Submission of materials you do not own will result in the removal of the content and the suspension of your account. Further legal action, including potential compensation for damages, may be pursued.
  2. Content Restrictions:
    • Books primarily serving as advertisements or overly promotional in nature are prohibited.
    • Articles, press releases, sales letters, or brochures are not permitted.
    • Excerpts, previews, or incomplete books are not allowed.
    • Material containing pornography, obscene content, defamatory material, or anything that violates the law is strictly prohibited.

These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice. Last updated on April 18, 2024.